Communication Briefings

Sound Bites: September ’20

September 16, 2020
Are you too quick to offer help to employees who come to you with problems? … How does it strike you when someone says “What?” right after you’ve said something? … Pre-speech calisthenics … Hand-draw your proposals

Get staff to own your plan

August 26, 2020
You’ve probably found yourself in this predicament: You have what you think is a good plan to achieve a goal or solve a problem. How can you cross the ownership gap between “the boss’s idea” and “our plan”?

Break off a chat without being rude

August 26, 2020
Sometimes you don’t have a few minutes more to spare, yet you don’t want to be rude about cutting off the chat and scurrying away. Here’s what some folks are saying to make their getaways.

When conversing, keep people plugged into your message

August 26, 2020
Holding your listener’s attention is as important as saying your piece clearly and fully—and probably harder to do.  Use leading statements to keep the discussion focused on your main message.

… You’re on the receiving end of bad news

August 26, 2020
Here are four tips about what to do when somebody drops a problem in your lap.

Keep first impressions in check

August 26, 2020
For all your careful preparations, hiring frequently hinges on emotional reactions. The candidates’ looks, body language, and overall appearance can subtly outweigh rational considerations. Do pay attention to your feelings and impressions, but filter them through the following steps.

Avoid hiring panel squabbles

August 26, 2020
Having a group interview job applicants yields questions from different perspectives. That usually yields more information and creates more buy-in from those included. However, all that diversity can—and probably will—also make for arguments.

When speaking, sweep the room

August 26, 2020
You’ve probably heard the advice, “Personalize your presentations by directing your talk to one person in the audience.” Well, that advice is wrong.

Yes, ask staff for feedback

August 26, 2020
Good managers give feedback. Smart managers ask for it. Here’s how to encourage your employees to give you feedback about your performance that you can learn from.

Use ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as springboards

August 26, 2020
When you’re doing job interviews or seeking information, you’re often advised not to ask too many questions that can be answered simply “Yes” or “No.” However, if you’re on the receiving end of such questions, use them to spin off a telling statement of your case.