Communication Briefings

Recreate the ‘office’ in your virtual workplace

February 24, 2021
Technology and infrastructure solutions abound and have helped drive ongoing productivity. But at the center of a successful transition is the team leader, whose influence, as outlined here, is magnified in a virtual environment.

… Cynicism begins to take root in your workplace

February 24, 2021
Like most managers, you probably have at least one employee who reminds you of Winnie-the-Pooh’s gloomy friend Eeyore. How can you counter cynics before they spread negativity throughout your staff? Here are some pointers.

‘I did what you told me to do’

February 24, 2021
What’s clear to you may not be clear to others.

Avoid right-or-wrong arguments

February 24, 2021
You’re probably good at winning your point in arguing with your staff, but it’s a skill you don’t want to overuse.

Make sure you use the right word

February 24, 2021
Our language is peppered with homophones: Words that sound alike, are spelled differently, and mean different things. There are tricky ones that can sneak into your writing and cause your reader to question your grasp on what essentially are common words. Watch for these.

Limit your tolerance for whiners

February 24, 2021
Watch out for office whiners— employees who continually complain about everything imaginable.

In setting goals, balance degrees of difficulty

February 24, 2021
Striking the right balance for your employees is essential when you’re setting goals—you don’t want objectives to be either too easy or too hard. Keep these guidelines in mind.

Are you the office chatterbox? 4 tips to shut the heck up

February 24, 2021
Ever listen to a long-winded blabbermouth? Don’t be like that person. To gauge whether you need to scale back on your talking, consider these questions.

Sound Bites: March ’21

February 24, 2021
“It” is the key … Don’t ask a question only to answer it … Offer better advice … If you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many meetings, analyze them … Now that’s tiny type!

Sound Bites: February ’21

February 1, 2021
When you can’t get a word in … Try this thought-provoking interview question … Avoid underlining any words in your digital copy … Is it email or e-mail? … Try an “audio résumé” … “What is haywire,” anyway?