Tasty treats for tricky interviews

September 2, 2020
Knocking on a hiring manager’s door can feel unnerving, especially when self-doubt creeps in and you’re afraid of being dished ghastly tricks instead of treats. These strategies will help you maneuver through loaded questions and sell yourself confidently.

Cue up podcasts on the joyful path to self-improvement

August 26, 2020
Is there such a thing as healthy addictions? Yes!

The anatomy of a bad decision

August 24, 2020
I often say “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This may seem obvious, but multimillion-dollar organizations make decisions every day based solely on the information they’re looking at, discounting factors that may not be addressed by the research being conducted.

Are you polishing your sneakers?

August 13, 2020
One CEO was known for telling employees, “You’re not going to be able to polish that sneaker,” when he realized that they were spending valuable time on something that’s not worth the effort. Just as an old sneaker can’t be polished back into usefulness or even good appearance, some efforts just won’t get you anywhere.

Restart a stalled employee

July 24, 2020
When an employee says, “I can’t do my assignment,” you’re likely to be upset. That’s a legitimate reaction, but don’t let it hinder getting the job done and restoring the employee’s motivation. Ask these four questions.

4 ways to lead social progress and leverage online resources

July 22, 2020
How do we stay confident in our ability to improve the world around us and amplify our impact?

Worker takes on too much?

July 10, 2020
You may be thrilled that some of your employees are always ready to take on whatever tasks need doing. But then you might start to notice that a lot of those tasks never get done. Try these techniques for getting those never-say-no employees on the right track.

Improve the evaluation experience

July 10, 2020
Many managers dislike conducting performance reviews, but it’s safe to say that many employees like them just as little. Here are some of the reasons why—and some tactics you can use to make reviews less painful all around.

Be mindful of your gestures

July 9, 2020
Many speakers are either too stiff or too grandiose in their movements. Use these tips to strike an effective balance.

4 tips to be a better persuader

July 9, 2020
Yes, you can order your employees to do what you want, but you’ll get better results by persuading them that you know what you’re talking about. Persuasion is a skill that can be developed with practice. Here are four tips.