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An Uber driver defines what it means to be cool, calm and collected

November 15, 2017

We’re giving Best Communicator props to two people this month, for how they handled a bonafide Worst Communicator.

Keep your email in check: A CEO’s secret

October 11, 2017
Email eats up a chunk of the workday, with some reports suggesting upwards of 2.5 hours per day. It’s more than a time waster, though. It’s also a huge cause of stress because employees feel obliged to deal with it around the clock, even when they should be off the clock.

No reactions are needed: People know if you’re listening

August 14, 2017
We have a belief that when we’re listening to someone, we have to do something to show that we’re listening, like smiling or nodding our head. Not so. That’s called looking like you’re listening.

‘I did it, but you did it worse’

October 19, 2016
It’s been an ugly presidential campaign. While we prefer to stay neutral—or mum—on the topic, something is happening on both sides of the campaign that warrants a discussion: blame shifting.

A Twitter heckler issues a sincere apology

September 20, 2016
Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams recently found himself in a social media battle with Johan Malcolm, an employee at a Maryland pizzeria. The reason for Malcolm’s ire? Williams left a 75-cent tip on a $128.26 bill.

Why we ask ‘quick questions’

July 7, 2016
Why do we use the term “quick question” when the question, in fact, is not any quicker than other questions you’ve asked?

5 ways to build a high-performance culture

June 28, 2016
It takes more than just gimmicks to build a top-flight atmosphere.

Prevent temperature conflicts

June 13, 2016
Surprisingly, one of the biggest battles you’ll face in the workplace involves disagreements over room temperature.

You can’t insult customers in a dumber way than this

May 17, 2016
Another day, another disgruntled worker vents some frustration by sneaking insults onto customer receipts.

If your email fails this test, don’t bother sending it

April 13, 2016
Email remains the primary place where business communication regularly goes haywire. Are you part of the problem?