Interviewing and Hiring

Listen to what voices reveal

March 24, 2021
During hiring interviews, focus on candidates’ voices as well as their appearance. People control their appearance through their clothes selection and a well-practiced smile, but faking sincerity vocally is a bit more difficult.

Candidate trashes last job? Listen

November 25, 2020
How should you react when applicants run down their former and current employers during interviews? Sure, you’re suspicious, but try putting aside your irritation and taking (ethical) advantage of the situation to find out more about these applicants. Use these tactics to follow up for details.

Think twice about these job candidates

October 29, 2020
Hiring the right person is a time-consuming process, and you don’t want to waste an interview on a candidate who’s not going to be a good fit for the job, or your organization. Bad hires aren’t always obvious, though. Here are some danger signs to watch out for as you consider candidates before and during the interview.

Keep first impressions in check

August 26, 2020
For all your careful preparations, hiring frequently hinges on emotional reactions. The candidates’ looks, body language, and overall appearance can subtly outweigh rational considerations. Do pay attention to your feelings and impressions, but filter them through the following steps.

Avoid hiring panel squabbles

August 26, 2020
Having a group interview job applicants yields questions from different perspectives. That usually yields more information and creates more buy-in from those included. However, all that diversity can—and probably will—also make for arguments.

Interviewers: Avoid these mistakes

June 24, 2020
It’s not simply what you offer in the way of money and position that affects your hiring success rate. How you behave as an interviewer also carries great weight. Take note of these interviewer behaviors that applicants are very aware of—and don’t like.

Act quickly to snag top hires

June 24, 2020
Your work doesn’t end when you find a candidate you want to hire. You have to seal the deal before a competitor swoops in. Here’s how to make sure your choice doesn’t get stolen away.

In interviews, dig down and sideways

April 8, 2020
When you interview job candidates, use two different kinds of questions to get information: vertical and horizontal.

Scrap useless interview questions

February 26, 2020
The more job applicants you interview, the more at ease you are in the process. Unfortunately, the more self-confident you get, the more likely you are to rely on the same questions over and over. Try these tips for pruning out less useful questions.

1-hour interview, in 5 stages

January 2, 2020
An hour, give or take 15 minutes, is about right for an initial job interview—long enough to obtain basic information and an impression of the applicant, and short enough to fit in a busy schedule.