Interviewing and Hiring

3 pointless interview questions

September 17, 2015
If you actually want to learn about job candidates, avoid these questions.

How to ID great time-management skills

September 9, 2015
Here are three things to look for when you want to hire people who know how to manage their time.

4 reasons to write job descriptions

August 5, 2015
Here are four benefits you get if you write detailed job descriptions for each position on your team.

Warning: Don’t rush to hire

June 22, 2015
When you are short a teammate, filling that vacancy seems like your only priority. However, don’t rush and risk making a bad hire.

4 sources of exceptional talent

June 8, 2015
When you need to hire a new em­­ployee, don’t overlook these talent pools brimming with great hires.

Breaking bad news about a promotion

April 8, 2015
Two valued employees apply for a promotion. Both show promise, but one employee simply outshines the other. How do you break the news to the employee you aren’t promoting without demoralizing him or her?

Reject candidates with style

March 18, 2015
Be careful how you treat job candidates you didn’t hire. Social media makes it possible for disgruntled candidates to condemn your organization quickly and publicly. Fur­­ther­­­­more, what’s wrong with a little respect?

Interview questions by the dozen

January 28, 2015
When preparing to interview job candidates, it’s important for supervisors to plan out their lines of questioning. Decide which skills are most important for that position, then focus your questions on assessing those skills. Here are some sample questions to work from.

11 great interview questions

January 28, 2015
One of the best ways to tell if applicants have the skills to perform specific tasks is to directly ask how they’ve used those skills in the past. These sample questions can help hiring managers spot 11 important “soft” skills.

Gauge candidates’ originality

December 1, 2014
Peter Thiel, PayPal cofounder, is always on the lookout for employees who are willing to speak up and share their opinions. To gauge that quality in job candidates and business owners seeking capital for their businesses, he says during interviews: “Tell me something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.”