Interviewing and Hiring

When you can’t find a star applicant

April 1, 2014
Have you been struggling to fill an important position in your organization? Here are some common—but not always obvious—causes of hiring misfires.

3 tips for recruiting with Facebook

March 1, 2014
While you might think of Facebook as a venue that works best for spreading viral videos and reading up on the latest celebrity foibles, it can be used as a very effective part of a broader recruiting strategy for your organization.

Don’t trust your gut when hiring

March 1, 2014
Former General Electric Chairman and CEO Jack Welch says that it is all right to trust your gut instincts when pursuing a business deal, but it’s not the best strategy for hiring quality talent.

Promote from within

March 1, 2014
Recruiting employees from outside your organization for both mission and culture fit is easier said than done. Oftentimes, you run a much better chance of recruiting from within your organization.

Evaluate applicants’ teamwork skills

February 1, 2014
Giving details of very specific situations forces applicants to paint an accurate picture of their teamwork skills. Ask them questions like these:

Hiring missteps

February 1, 2014
If hiring is one of your responsibilities, avoid making this costly interview mistake: too much talking.

Start new hires as temps

February 1, 2014
You wouldn’t buy a new car without a test drive. So why should you invest time and money in hiring an untested job candidate?

Give job candidates the best possible first impression

January 1, 2004
Author and consultant Terri Robinson reminds us of mistakes employers make — turnoffs that can “help your competitor hire your future employee.”