KISS: Keep It Super Simple

June 24, 2020
Yes, you could produce a 50- or 60-slide PowerPoint presentation and feel good about your message. But you will be far more impactful if you whittle your message down to its core and present five to eight memorable slides.

5 ways to elicit applause and direct a successful virtual event

June 24, 2020
As we move forward in the future, virtual presentations will continue to play a starring role in the events world. This is a new challenge for some businesses, packed with teachable moments for everyone involved behind the scenes.

Complex topic? Don’t lose audience

May 27, 2020
Complex topics, such as new analytical procedures or software instructions, are a tough presentation challenge. Your first step is to focus on what your audience needs from you in order to understand and effectively use what you have to say. The following guidelines will help.

Make good use of poor audience questions

April 22, 2020
An insulting rejoinder is tempting, but you’d alienate the audience, because there’s a good chance that perhaps others have also missed the point.

4 tips to present joint presentations

April 22, 2020
Joint presentations are more complex to arrange, so keep the following guidelines in mind.

The art of making eye contact

April 8, 2020
All the presentation experts say you need to establish eye contact with your audience. However, they rarely tell you why, with whom in particular, and how.

Easy tweaks to better presentations

January 22, 2020
To excel during your next presentation, you don’t need to put on some flashy, over-the-top performance. Instead, follow this advice.

Lead more confidently on video with these 5 presentation tips

July 24, 2019
These bite-sized lessons will also make it easier to increase your authenticity and approachability on screen, while developing a stronger relationship with your audience.

3 virtual presentation mistakes

May 22, 2019
Do you want your next virtual presentation to be unforgettable in a good way? Then avoid these mistakes.

Regain composure after a goof

March 27, 2019
The next time you make a blooper—like going blank or losing your place—during a presentation, use this plan to regain your poise and nail the ending.