Draw a blank during a speech? Recover

January 28, 2015
During a presentation, if you lose your train of thought, get back on track with these tips.

Presentation tips for introverts

January 1, 2015
Simon Sinek, a self-proclaimed introvert who doesn’t like speaking to crowds, is the third most-watched TED Talks presenter. He offers this advice to other shy people who struggle when it comes to public speaking.

Create professional PowerPoints

December 1, 2014
Are you preparing for a huge presentation? Use these four tips to create professional PowerPoints that will enhance— not distract—from your message:

Prep for perfect delivery

November 1, 2014
Ready to deliver your next presentation without notes? You will be able to focus on your audience instead of on a script after doing this preparation:

Use humor without offending

November 1, 2014
A bit of humor in a business presentation can put your audience at ease or drive home an important point. But you shouldn’t try so hard to be funny that you lose the focus of your message or risk alienating your audience.

Be memorable from the first moment

October 1, 2014
Grab your audience’s attention in the first seconds of your speech.  Communications consultant Ben Decker suggests choosing from among these SHARP techniques:

Keep audiences tuned in

October 1, 2014
There’s one sure way to lose an audience during your introduction: Talk about yourself. Just because the audience is there to hear you speak doesn’t mean they care about you.

Slow your speech

September 1, 2014
If you speak too quickly, your audience members won’t be able to follow you. Slow down by implementing these ideas:

PowerPoint shortcuts

September 1, 2014
You can deliver a PowerPoint presentation in full-screen mode without using your mouse. Smoothly navigate through your slides using these five shortcuts.

Prepare the room for a speech

September 1, 2014
Feel confident and prepared by getting the room ready before a speech. Check these items before a presentation: