Social Media

Why aren’t my videos getting views?

June 10, 2020
You spend and spend on making videos to connect with customers and clients—in terms of both time and money—yet the actual click numbers don’t seem to make it all worth it. Why is it that your well-produced work isn’t garnering more views?

Identify business goals and pin your way to success

January 22, 2020
Creativity, teamwork, determination, adaptability, patience, empathic listening and the ability to develop a heart-centered connection with others have catapulted my performance and marketability through the years.

Win first impressions in business with your social media headshot

October 23, 2019
With 70% of hiring managers—and nearly half of B2B buyers—visiting social media profiles, it’s important to watch how you present yourself online.

Write your success story with these LinkedIn ABCs

May 2, 2019
LinkedIn is a fantastic resource to improve yourself, advance your career and connect with others. Akin to a classroom full of transformative, empowering possibilities, there’s something for everyone who puts in the effort to upgrade their life, set attainable goals and strive for excellence.

5 tools to create visuals

February 27, 2019
Social media and blog posts with visuals receive much more engagement, so you should definitely be using them liberally. However, if you are tired of all those stock images and want something fresh, you can create your own stunning visuals using these free tools.

5 new tips for social media savvy

November 29, 2018
Even if you are extremely happy with your social media efforts—there’s still room to grow. Use these tips to gain more followers and boost engagement.

Break your social media habit

September 26, 2018
Are you wasting too much time on social media, especially at work? Follow these tips to break the addiction.

Stand out on LinkedIn

August 22, 2018
Create a LinkedIn profile that truly impresses by updating it today. Follow these tips.

Why you’re ignored on LinkedIn

April 25, 2018
If you reached out to someone on LinkedIn and haven’t heard a peep from the person, here’s why.

Nuggets from #AdviceForPeopleJoiningTwitter

June 19, 2017
Some real tips and wisdom from Twitter users, trending under #AdviceForPeopleJoiningTwitter.