Social Media

Find the right communication mix

November 23, 2016
Your goal: To find a communication balance that satisfies both millennials and older workers.

Career-advancing Pinterest tips

October 26, 2016
Pinterest is more than just a place to pin DIY projects and recipes. It can be used to help you advance your career.

Prevent social media backfires

October 26, 2016
Almost daily it seems an employee from some company has posted content on a social media site that went viral and hurt the business. Here’s what you can do.

It’s time to de-clutter your social media feed

September 21, 2016
A social media presence isn’t something you can set up and tend to only when it occurs to you. So what are you doing with yours?

Rise of the digital water cooler

April 25, 2016
In a highly publicized lawsuit, digital files of employee chats were used as evidence in a trial where a jury awarded wrestler Hulk Hogan more than $100 million from Gawker. Is your company safe?

4 sources for blog ideas

February 26, 2016

If you are suffering from writer’s block and are struggling to come up with blog ideas, Marsha Friedman, a public relations expert with 25 years’ experience developing publicity strategies for celebrities and corporations offers this advice.

3 costly Twitter mistakes

February 18, 2016
Twitter is a great way to connect with customers, build your brand, and promote your products and services. Just make sure you aren’t communicating the wrong message.

Spruce up your online presence

August 6, 2015
If customers, co-workers, hiring managers or your boss want to find some dirt on you, a little Google searching and social media digging will give them all they need. Make sure that they don’t find much by scrubbing your social media accounts clean.

Polish your LinkedIn profile

March 3, 2015
Your LinkedIn profile establishes your professional reputation and is an outstanding way to showcase your credentials and expertise. Make sure you are creating the best impres­­sion of yourself by removing these words.

Craft a great LinkedIn Message

January 28, 2015

Just because you’re networking online doesn’t mean it’s OK to throw basic etiquette out the window. Learn to write LinkedIn messages that people will want to read with these tips from Sara McCord, a columnist for The Daily Muse.