Social Media

Craft a great LinkedIn Message

January 28, 2015

Just because you’re networking online doesn’t mean it’s OK to throw basic etiquette out the window. Learn to write LinkedIn messages that people will want to read with these tips from Sara McCord, a columnist for The Daily Muse.

Write stronger LinkedIn inmails

January 1, 2015
With LinkedIn’s premium service, you have the ability to send inmails to anyone, so it’s a great lead-generating tool. Just be sure to draft inmails that people will read and respond to.

7 ways to build your network

November 1, 2014
Joining several different types of organizations will help you develop a variety of contacts. Choose from among these seven types:

Spread content through LinkedIn

October 1, 2014
Share your blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, white papers and other content with a wider audience. Gain attention through LinkedIn with these actions:

Tidy social media

October 1, 2014
As you plan to clean, purge and ready your office and computer for maximum productivity in 2015, don’t forget to clean up your social media profiles.

Employment branding retains talent

October 1, 2014
J.T. O’Donnell, the CEO of Careerealism, a career advice and job search magazine, has a warning for all you leaders out there: Your competition is going to steal away your top employees in 2015, and they will use one simple trick to do it.

Best time to post on social media

October 1, 2014
Are you getting the ROI on the time and effort you put into your social media efforts? Experts suggest that timing plays a big role in how successful your social media campaigns will be.

5 apps for networking

September 1, 2014
Electronic networking is growing in popularity and ease. Check out these five apps to expand your network:

Gain presence on Pinterest

September 1, 2014
Use these tips to gain brand recognition and engage with your audience on Pinterest.

Draft tweets for impact

September 1, 2014
Companies are adding more and more creativity to their posts to stand out on Twitter. Here are two ways to deliver tweets that pack a punch.