Sound Bites

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Sound Bites: April ’17

April 1, 2017
Tell me more about Joan … Say cheese … Bless you

Sound Bites: March ’17

March 1, 2017
Is your applicant hiding something? … Beware the puckered-up emoji … Ask what they think … Why so serious?

Sound Bites: February ’17

February 1, 2017
Flirting in the workplace … A deadline for decisions

Sound Bites: January ’17

January 18, 2017
How to handle an employee whine … Do a little math in your head … Don’t be a 10-minute deceiver.

Sound Bites: December ’16

December 1, 2016
Low-battery alert … Seeking negativity … Twitter keyboard shortcuts … What makes a job enjoyable?

Sound Bites: November ’16

October 26, 2016
Personal items on your desk … When not to speak up … How to relax at work

Sound Bites: October ’16

October 1, 2016
Keep your LinkedIn profile timely … What to leave out of your answering message

Sound Bites: September ’16

September 1, 2016
Double-check for customers … Don’t distract from your presentation … Voicemail messages … Get math help from technology … Pick between two job candidates … Cut down on meeting materials

Sound Bites: August ’16

August 8, 2016
When everyone on the team has a different idea of what represents true quality in a product, service or process—and a different view on how much time and effort should be put forward to achieve it—it creates a disparity that ripples throughout every department, with people not understanding why others are spending too much or too little time on every task, and creating systems that seem either inadequate or excessive. To become efficient, everyone must be on the exact same page when answering the question, “How good does this need to be?”

Sound Bites: July ’16

July 1, 2016
Best way to retain; buzzwords; peer review
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