So, how do YOU start a sentence?

May 9, 2016

It’s hard to say where the “so” opener started, but it most certainly is insanely contagious. Here are other weak sentence starters to be mindful of when you speak.

Words, Words, Words: April ’16

April 14, 2016
Write it right; say it right; spell it right

Simple word swaps improve attitude

April 2, 2016
Professor Bernard Roth, academic director and co-founder of Stanford University’s d.school, recommends making simple word swaps to move past mental hurdles.

How to navigate political talk at work

March 30, 2016
The presidential election is starting to heat up, and it seems, almost daily, one candidate from one side or the other is giving us all plenty to talk about.

Speak like a true leader

February 10, 2016
If you want other people to take you seriously and follow your lead, you need to speak with power, confidence and authority.

Stop using this business jargon

February 9, 2016
Business communication is full of metaphors and jargon. While such language is often used to rally the troops, inspire employees or sell an idea, it more often than not causes confusion and misunderstandings.

Eliminate weak words

February 3, 2016
Lisa R. Miller, founder of College to Career LLC, counsels recent graduates to enter the workforce, and offers these strategies.

Words, words, words: February ’16

February 1, 2016
Write it right, say it right, spell it right …

4 phrases you should stop using

January 25, 2016
Everyone experiences the occasional verbal slip, and you will make your fair share of silly comments. However, if you want to avoid problems at work, eliminate these subtly offensive phrases.

Fix these 4 voice pet peeves

January 12, 2016
People will judge you based on your looks and the sound of your voice, well before they actually listen to what you have to say. Fortunately, you have a lot of control over your appearance, and while your voice is harder to change, you can take steps to tame annoying habits like these.