Influence with tie-down questions

June 20, 2017
When you are in negotiations, use tie-down questions to guide the person to adopt your position or to gauge their commitment to your ideas. Tie-down questions help you clarify the other person’s position without being too forceful.

Do’s and don’ts of breaking bad news

June 16, 2017
Whether it’s a customer, employee, co-worker or boss, someday you will need to share some not-so-ideal news. Here’s how to do it.

Words, Words, Words: June ’17

May 24, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

Talk like a leader to become one

May 24, 2017
If you want to be seen as a leader, start communicating like one—even if you aren’t yet in a leadership position.

8 biases that hurt communication

May 24, 2017
You may not be entirely to blame for your communication misses. People’s cognitive biases can affect how they process information and make decisions based on what they heard. Overcome these eight cognitive biases that are working against you.

4 unintentionally sexist phrases

May 24, 2017
You may not know it—or agree with it—but the following statements can be deemed as sexist, so it’s best to not say them to women at work.

4 tips for leaving voicemails

May 24, 2017
Do you want to receive a call back from a sales prospect? Follow these voicemail tips.

Stop these bad language habits

May 21, 2017
Want to elicit a serious eye roll from customers and co-workers? Litter your language with these annoying—often jarring—sometimes silly choices.

6 ways to kill a conversation fast

May 20, 2017
If you want to engage in lively conversations, avoid these mistakes.

Make your PowerPoint slides help your memory

May 9, 2017
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