Power through the nerves

December 1, 2017

During high-stakes conversations, such as when you’re asking for a promotion or closing a big deal, your nerves can lay waste to your charisma and poise. Follow these tips to communicate confidently even when you are totally intimidated.

Words, Words, Words: November ’17

November 12, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

Tricks to lift speaking confidence

October 25, 2017
Stop battling your nerves and follow these quick tips to present like a pro.

Jobs knew the perfect answer

October 3, 2017
Now that we live in an age of trolls, every leader needs to handle insults. It’s something Apple’s Steve Jobs demonstrated 20 years ago.

3 seemingly innocent phrases that cause drama in the workplace

September 27, 2017
Even when your intentions are good, the wrong statement can turn a minor issue into a full-blown problem. Avoid these three phrases.

10 speaking habits that will undermine you

September 27, 2017
Most of us have at least one communication habit that is distracting to our listeners. Here are the top 10 distracting speaking behaviors and what those quirks are communicating to your listeners.

Words, Words, Words: October ’17

September 27, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

2-word phrase that hurts your image

August 23, 2017
A quick way to undermine your professionalism is to fill your presentations with “ya know,” says communication expert Carmine Gallo.

Words, Words, Words: September ’17

August 23, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

You’d better T.H.I.N.K.

August 23, 2017
While you may be able to get away with it in your personal life, disrespectful, offensive language has no place at work. Before you write or speak, T.H.I.N.K.