3 reasons to stop using ‘so’

June 1, 2014
As language has become more casual, the use of “so” to begin sentences is becoming more common. Here are three very good reasons to banish that usage.

Master cold-calling

June 1, 2014
Cold-calling is often necessary for business development; it’s also disliked by even the best sales reps. The next time you face a list of phone numbers, use these techniques to improve your approach:

6 ways to avoid business jargon

June 1, 2014
When communicating within your industry, business jargon is very common and often becomes second nature. When communicating with clients or potential business partners, it’s likely less appropriate.

4 tips for projecting your voice

June 1, 2014
Projecting your voice to reach the entire room can be difficult. Use these four tips to use the power of your voice more effectively.

Let people know you are listening

May 1, 2014
Give your employees your full attention when they speak to you. You’ll send a strong nonverbal message that their comments are important.

Aim for 2-way communication

May 1, 2014
Effective managers don’t do all the talking. Instead, they open a dialogue with employees by establishing two-way communication channels. Take these steps:

Succeed in media interviews

May 1, 2014
Tackling media interviews can be intimidating. Use these five tips to perform at your best:

Calm your nerves

May 1, 2014
One key to appearing confident during public speaking is learning how—and knowing when—to calm yourself. Follow these tips:

Match body language to messages

May 1, 2014
Actions speak louder than words, even in public speaking. Research shows that nonverbal communication is key to maintaining an audience’s interest and gaining people’s trust.

Focus your presentation

April 1, 2014
Speech coaches advise you to organize your speech around the Three T’s.