Do you use these phrases correctly?

August 14, 2017
Here at Communication Briefings, we often discourage you from using the latest buzzwords and jargon because they cause confusion and misunderstandings. That said, if you are going to use them, at least, make sure you are using them correctly.

Words, Words, Words: August ’17

August 12, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

4 responses that beat ‘I’m sorry’

July 20, 2017
People tend to use “I’m sorry” too much, and that causes two big problems: the speaker looks less confident and it reduces the impact of a genuine, warranted apology. Stop using the phrase so much, and instead say the following in these situations.

Words, Words, Words: July ’17

July 5, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

6 phrases great leaders use often

July 5, 2017
As a leader, what you say matters. So as you go about each day, facing challenges, guiding your people and meeting your performance goals, make sure you are using the following phrases.

4 reasons people tune you out

July 5, 2017
If you want people to truly hear what you have to say, stop these self-defeating habits.

Influence with tie-down questions

June 20, 2017
When you are in negotiations, use tie-down questions to guide the person to adopt your position or to gauge their commitment to your ideas. Tie-down questions help you clarify the other person’s position without being too forceful.

Do’s and don’ts of breaking bad news

June 16, 2017
Whether it’s a customer, employee, co-worker or boss, someday you will need to share some not-so-ideal news. Here’s how to do it.

Words, Words, Words: June ’17

May 24, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.

Talk like a leader to become one

May 24, 2017
If you want to be seen as a leader, start communicating like one—even if you aren’t yet in a leadership position.