Tips for Managers

Feedback for new hires

July 22, 2020
New hires typically want lots of information about how they’re doing during their first few weeks and months on the job. Providing good feedback will get them engaged in their work and committed to your organization for the long term. Here’s how to give them the support they need.

Share your priorities with your employees

July 22, 2020
Building a workforce of focused, efficient employees is obviously to your benefit. It doesn’t happen overnight, though. Employees can work better (and get ahead) by understanding your needs and preferences.

Insubordination? Hear the explanation

July 22, 2020
You can’t tolerate an employee who sabotages your authority with insubordination or disobedience. Just don’t act too rashly.

Make pessimism a useful asset

July 22, 2020
If you point “human speed bumps” in the right direction, you can turn their pessimistic outlook into a strength.

When an employee asks for a raise

July 22, 2020
An employee’s request for a raise can be an awkward situation, even if you feel an increase is justified. Handle the question with sensitivity and tact, and you’ll maintain a positive relationship whatever the answer. Follow these guidelines.

Conduct a solid employee survey

July 22, 2020
Employee surveys that help you understand your employees better can help you manage them more effectively. But you need to approach them carefully. Keep these suggestions in mind.

Worker takes on too much?

July 10, 2020
You may be thrilled that some of your employees are always ready to take on whatever tasks need doing. But then you might start to notice that a lot of those tasks never get done. Try these techniques for getting those never-say-no employees on the right track.

Improve the evaluation experience

July 10, 2020
Many managers dislike conducting performance reviews, but it’s safe to say that many employees like them just as little. Here are some of the reasons why—and some tactics you can use to make reviews less painful all around.

4 tips to be a better persuader

July 9, 2020
Yes, you can order your employees to do what you want, but you’ll get better results by persuading them that you know what you’re talking about. Persuasion is a skill that can be developed with practice. Here are four tips.

Easy, no-cost ways to lift morale

June 24, 2020
These morale boosters cost no money and no extra time, but they do rely on your attitude and management style.