Tips for Managers

Depression in the workplace

September 26, 2018
Depression is the leading cause of illness and disability in the world, so it’s a safe bet that someone on your team is struggling with it. You can initiate a conversation about mental health and depression—without prying. Here’s how.

Empathize with working parents

September 26, 2018
Strengthen your relationship with employees, increase their loyalty to your organization and boost their morale and productivity by following this advice.

Manage these meeting disrupters

September 26, 2018
Effectively deal with people who have a knack for ruining a good meeting.

Pull off a fun Halloween celebration

September 26, 2018
Halloween comes this month, and you may have some events planned to make the office fun. Just make sure employees see it as a treat—and not a trick—by following this advice.

4 questions to ask yourself before you call someone on leave

September 23, 2018
The wheels of business stop for no one, and when an employee goes out on leave—FMLA or otherwise—it’s surprising how quickly the inconveniences mount. The urge to pick up the phone or dash off a quick email to ask a simple question just to keep the wheels moving is powerful, but pause for a moment before you do it and ask:

Generate executable ideas

August 22, 2018
You want employees to share their ideas, even outlandish ones—but only if they stand a chance of working. Encourage employees to think through their ideas before they present them by answering these questions first.

Communicate now to finish Q4 strong

August 22, 2018
With just four months left in 2018, now is a great time to inspire and motivate your team to finish on a strong note. There’s no better way to do that than with strong year-end communication. Use these tactics.

4 fun ways to boost morale

August 22, 2018
Use these ideas to boost morale among your team members.

Top reasons people miss the mark

August 22, 2018
If people fail to follow your instructions or meet your expectations, becoming angry, rude or impatient won’t solve anything. When people don’t understand you, it’s for one of these reasons.

Go beyond harassment best practices: Add respect to your culture

July 26, 2018
This current wave of harassment accusation appears to be a fundamental climate change in how our culture handles power and ethics. Your organization has two choices—be reactive and live in fear of it happening to you, or be proactive and get ahead of it.