Tips for Managers

Sound Bites: June ’19

June 1, 2019
Four résumé missteps to avoid … Make the right mix

Before your new hire’s first day

May 22, 2019
You just hired an amazing new employee whose start date is two weeks away. Start onboarding—and building your relationship—before the person’s first day. Follow this advice.

Plan better one-on-one meetings

May 22, 2019
To ensure that your one-on-one meetings are meaningful, follow the three Ps.

Give a killer pep talk

May 22, 2019
When you need to rev people up to cross the finish line on a project, use these tips to give a winning pep talk.

Communicate to lower stress

May 22, 2019
Too much long-term stress drives employees away—and in the meantime, their productivity plummets, performance lags and quality suffers.

Prompt people to share input

May 22, 2019
If the team goes silent when you request feedback or ideas, use these phrases to encourage people to speak up and share their insight.

Focus more on potential

May 22, 2019
Your main priority as a leader shouldn’t be to focus only on bottom-line results. Your top priority should be to help employees meet their full potential.

Respond to silly suggestions

May 22, 2019
You want everyone contributing ideas and offering solutions. However, what if the suggestions you’re hearing are impractical or downright ridiculous? Do the following instead to respond—without crushing employees’ spirits.

Smart—but toxic—employees

April 25, 2019
Insanely smart or skilled employees are an asset—but what if they’re also toxic? Take this advice.

The best way to help employees set goals

April 25, 2019
How you set goals for your employees is important, not just for clarity as to what needs to be done, but also for the motivational value it can add for the employee if you do it right.