Tips for Managers

Recognize fear in the workplace

February 20, 2016
Many leaders use fear to keep their employees in line, and they are making a huge mistake. Employees who work scared don’t speak up, share ideas or information, suggest positive changes, or point out problems.

3 failures of Marissa Mayer

February 11, 2016

Yahoo has seen an exodus of top talent, and many fingers are pointing the blame at CEO Marissa Mayer. Here’s how you can avoid her mistakes when you take over a team.

Get them to stay just a little bit longer

February 1, 2016
When do most managers ask, “What can I do to keep you?” You guessed it: during exit interviews. It’s a great question, but the timing is off. You need to ask it sooner.

3 leadership rules to live by

January 29, 2016

Whether you lead a small team or an entire organization, you set the example for everyone who reports to you. Follow these mantras to be a leader others look up to.

Prevent communication breakdowns

January 24, 2016

In less than a decade, once power-house Blackberry lost 95% of value. The reason is largely blamed on a lack of communication from the ground up. Employees didn’t share information, and management never fully realized the extent of the company’s problems. Make sure you follow these tips to avoid a break­­down like Blackberry experienced.

Praise employees–even when they fail

January 18, 2016
Tell bad employees that they’re great and they will be, says a study conducted by the Zenger Folkman leadership development consultancy.

Develop employees’ growth mindset

December 24, 2015

When employees possess a growth mindset, they embrace learning, and they don’t fear failure. As a result, they are able to take beneficial risks, recover more quickly from set­­backs and continuously improve themselves. The good news is that you can help employees to develop a growth mindset by responding to challenges and failure with phrases like these.

Managing the unmanageable

December 18, 2015
Looking to correct a problem employee? Here are four tips.

4 managers you don’t want to be

December 16, 2015
If you fall into any one of these categories, you are likely making people downright miserable at work.

Uh-oh! He’s uncooperative … what now?

December 16, 2015
If you have an uncooperative employee, the following guidelines can help you resolve the problem.