Tips for Managers

When you can’t give a bonus

September 9, 2016
Your star employee just learned that she won’t be getting a bonus this year, and she is furious. Here’s what to do and say to mitigate the damage.

5 compliments to use this week

August 31, 2016
Looking for ways to show your employees and co-workers how much you value them? Use these compliments that people love to hear and brighten someone’s day.

Rules for first-time meetings

August 8, 2016
If you are meeting a business contact for the very first time, ensure that you make the best possible impression. Follow this advice.

Here’s what micromanaged workers would love to tell you

August 2, 2016
If you micromanage your employees, this is what they’d love to tell you—but likely won’t.

4 keys to being a great manager

July 13, 2016
To be a truly effective manager, here’s what your employees want from you.

Deciding who can take on more work

June 21, 2016
Are you drowning in work, but not confident that you can delegate high-priority or important work to your employees?

Buffett, Branson offer keys to success

June 7, 2016
Business giants Warren Buffett and Richard Branson think its important to invest in your communications skills

Managing the unmanageable

May 12, 2016
Management advice is great in theory, but what if you lead an em­­ployee or two who are just truly hard to manage?

Critique without starting a fight

May 10, 2016
It’s human nature to immediately put up your defenses when someone is criticizing you.

5 qualities of the best leaders

May 9, 2016
What sets truly great leaders apart from the mediocre—or downright awful—ones?