Tips for Managers

Do you provide quality feedback?

August 24, 2015
It’s not enough to simply offer em­­ployees feedback. You have to provide feedback that they can put to use. If your feedback is up to snuff, you can honestly answer “True” to the following statements.

Harness that enthusiasm

August 23, 2015

While it’s fine to spark enthusiasm in your team, too much exuberance can be a distraction. Just because everyone runs around the office pumping their fists and exchanging high-fives doesn’t mean they’re producing results. Here are some ways to harness employee enthusiasm.

Got a cynic on staff? Tips to shut him down

August 18, 2015
Left unchecked, cynicism can lower morale and infect a workplace with lazy, indifferent employees. Smart managers find ways to put a muzzle on cynics and keep them from acting up. Use these techniques to take the bite out of a habitually sarcastic staffer.

Even performance reviews can use an icebreaker

August 15, 2015
We’re not talking a joke or little game, but a straightforward overview of how the employee’s doing.

Lead a team through transition

August 14, 2015
Take the pain out of change by effectively leading your team through a transition. Follow these rules.

4 realistic expectations for staff

August 13, 2015
Do you sometimes wonder if you are being too hard on your employees? Or do you ever ask yourself if you should be expecting more from them? Here are four things that you can and should expect from your employees.

Manage a suddenly unhappy staffer

August 11, 2015
Before an employee’s performance slips or he or she quits altogether, take these steps to correct the situation.

4 steps to help employees self-motivate

August 5, 2015
Most employees will motivate them­­selves—if you let them. All you need to do is treat them fairly, unclog lines of communication and keep your promises. Try these simple steps.

When prima donnas refuse to work

August 3, 2015

Tenured, experienced and high-­performing teammates can decide they are simply “too good” to complete certain duties. To encourage a prima donna to chip in, follow this strategy.

The best gift you can offer staff

July 30, 2015
Eighty-one percent of employees would prefer open communication over fancy perks like gym memberships and gourmet treats in the break room, according to a recent survey conducted by 15Five.