Tips for Managers

Employees have gripes? Hold a peaceful meeting

March 23, 2017
Allowing grievances to go unaddressed can hurt employee morale and productivity.

Encourage employees to open up

March 22, 2017
Your employees know how to improve your organization better than anyone else. Encourage them to speak up with these three tips.

Lead a successful change

March 22, 2017
Most change efforts—70% in fact—fail, usually because of botched communication.

Why you should stop listening

March 22, 2017
Being a fantastic listener can have a downside.

Nurture workplace relationships

March 21, 2017
Internal networking within one’s organization is as important as building an external network.

4 steps to keep conflict positive

March 21, 2017
Rather than let a simple debate or disagreement turn into an energy- and productivity-zapping waste of time, take this advice.

Check ‘health’ of new hires

February 22, 2017
Ensure that new employees have everything they need to succeed, before their performance goes off track.

Conduct better 1-on-1s

February 22, 2017
Individual face time with employees offers you an opportunity to provide both praise and constructive feedback, and it offers them a chance to vent or seek your guidance.

Converting freelancers to full time

February 22, 2017
If you are looking to convert a freelancer or contract worker to a salaried position, make sure that you have established these guidelines before you extend the offer.

Refocus and motivate your team

February 22, 2017
To refocus your team at the start of a project, use this exercise.