Tips for Managers

Think outside the suggestion box

June 12, 2015
Maybe you’ve got a physical suggestion box that employees can drop paper notes into. Maybe you’ve gone digital with it. Either way, you’re looking for ideas. Often, employees have some great ideas; they just need the right way to deliver them to you.

4 new bits of leadership advice

June 10, 2015
Management gurus Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson have updated their 1982 best-seller The One Minute Manager to reflect today’s changing workforce. They share some advice.

Address ‘quiet politeness’ at work

June 9, 2015
Quiet politeness—when co-workers refrain from speaking up because they don’t want to offend others—can keep them from pointing out problems with ideas or plans. Here are three tips to prevent quiet politeness from wreaking havoc on your team.

Expert advice for new supervisors

June 4, 2015
Taking over a team? Leading for the first time? Take this advice from seven-time CEO Jack Sweeney.

What a good open-door policy hinges on

June 3, 2015
If it isn’t well managed, an open-door policy can become a major source of unwanted downtime for you—time you could better spend working on your own top priorities.

Manage a staffer’s leave of absence

May 28, 2015
When employees take a leave of absence, it’s difficult. While you want employees to take the time needed to heal either physically or mentally, their absence has left a void on your team. Follow this advice to handle this sensitive situation.

Are new hires ready for more work?

May 27, 2015
During the onboarding process, you do your best to quickly but thoroughly bring new hires up to speed. However, how do you know if new employees are ready to tackle a truly important assignment?

4 critical actions for managers

May 25, 2015
If you want to be a successful manager, it is critical that you make the following activities part of your regular routine.

4 keys to building trust

May 14, 2015

Soon after Marillyn Hewson became Lockheed Martin’s CEO in early 2013, she packed her bags. Her goal was to meet face to face with investors, customers and employees. After months on the road, she met with more than 60,000 ­staffers—nearly half of the aerospace and defense firm’s 116,000 employees.

Help employees resolve differences

April 24, 2015
At some point, you will need to step in and mediate a conflict between two employees. When that time comes, follow this advice.