Tips for Managers

12 common phrases that turn a boss into a jerk

October 16, 2014
You’re human. You’re entitled to say some obnoxious things now and then. But keep in mind your employees absorb and weigh your words, and they’ll give you a pass on those annoying expressions for only so long. Spew these dozen phrases at your peril:

Strengthen your referral system

October 1, 2014
Use these tips to build a referral program that will bring you top job candidates:

Fill the information void

October 1, 2014
If your organization does not regularly send emails or hard-copy memos to keep workers abreast of recent events and developments, it’s up to managers to fill the information gap.

Create conditions for passionate workers

October 1, 2014
You can’t just hire the types of people you want: people who are willing to go beyond your expectations, who plan to stay with your organization for the long term, and who will recommend your organization and its leaders to others. You must create the conditions to nurture those characteristics.

Learn from angry employees

October 1, 2014
Follow the “1% rule” when dealing with upset employees—especially if you’re the target. The rule: At least 1% of what angry employees say is accurate, regardless of how much they generalize.

Are you a boss–or a therapist?

October 1, 2014
One employee does a terrific job but is needy with a capital N—frequently visiting your office for heart-to-hearts about a slew of worries. Your challenge is to give the staffer adequate guidance without letting the person monopolize your time.

Create a flexible, successful team

October 1, 2014
If you want to blow your competition out of the water, you need more than just a great idea. You need a team that can turn that idea into reality.

Maximize employees’ potential

September 1, 2014
Holding high expectations for your employees is an effective way to lead, as long as you communicate effectively and offer plenty of support. Apply these tips to make your expectations clear.

Choose the best time to meet

September 1, 2014
Ensure that you obtain maximum attendance for your meetings as well as focused attendees. Consider these factors when scheduling your next meeting:

Manage panicky staffers

September 1, 2014
Some employees feel panic attacks coming on just thinking about an important deadline. Ease their concern with these three steps: