Tips for Managers

Build your leadership skills

April 1, 2014
Become a stronger leader in five easy steps.

3 reasons you don’t receive input

April 1, 2014
Don’t be the type of manager who deters your staff from giving you feedback. Avoid these actions:

2 sympathy traps to avoid

April 1, 2014
Many employees experience problems outside the workplace that affect their on-the-job performance. While you want to help a staffer, keep the following warnings in mind when offering your assistance.

Monitor stress among your staff

April 1, 2014
Carry out a stress audit. Look at recent exit interview data, illness and absence statistics, and staff turnover records to help you pinpoint the ways that stress is affecting your staffers. High levels of turnover, illness and absenteeism are usually signs of stress.

Identify destructive employees

March 1, 2014
It is relatively simple to spot and deal with employees who demonstrate incompetence, poor work ethic and attitude problems. Their performance usually speaks for itself. Significantly more challenging and frustrating are the people in your organization who appear to be productive but subtly undermine the performance of others.

Read ’em & reap: Tribes

March 1, 2014
Unlike most books on leadership, Seth Godin’s Tribes is more about the inspiration to lead than the mechanics of being a great leader.

Identifying decision-making styles

March 1, 2014
Communicating effectively as a team when making important decisions is easier to accomplish when you take the time to understand employees’ decision-making processes.

Avoid performance review pitfalls

March 1, 2014
Even the best employee appraisals can be fraught with anxiety and a sense of the unknown for both participants. Take some of the stress out of reviews by avoiding these common pitfalls:

3 lessons from George Washington

March 1, 2014
George Washington’s battlefield leadership legacy speaks for itself. Author and trainer Nick Tasler, however, says that today’s leaders can learn as much from Washington’s counterintuitive decision process as they can from the grit and initiative demonstrated in the face of very long odds.

Motivate remote workers

February 1, 2014
If some employees work at home—even on a part-time basis—they may feel out of the loop and unmotivated at times. To keep those employees feeling connected and motivated, take these steps: