Tips for Managers

Brag about ex-employees

January 1, 2014
Improve morale on your team by bragging about the employees who have left your team—either through promotions or by leaving the organization. Bragging about individuals who went on to bigger and better things can show just how well you train people to become superstars.

Explain decisions

January 1, 2014
Team members don’t always expect to be right. They also don’t expect you to adopt all their ideas. However, if they’re going to feel empowered, you must show that you value their thoughts and contributions.

Set employees’ priorities straight

January 1, 2014
Some employees refuse to put their jobs first—even at work. Job duties take a backseat to personal obligations, and that is often a huge drain on other employees’ time and patience. Don’t let them get away with it.

Use infographics to convey messages

January 1, 2014
Infographics are becoming one of the hottest ways to engage customers and employees by providing information in a visually appealing graphic. Here are some great ways to use infographics at work:

Determine if employees are promotable

January 1, 2014
Grooming employees for bigger and better things in your organization is a key responsibility for managers. Here’s how to determine if employees are ready to advance within your organization:

4 steps to coach teammates

July 1, 2013
Coaching your employees is the most effective way to raise morale, increase profits and performance, and ensure your team can meet the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. Use the GROW model to structure your coaching sessions to ensure employees truly benefit from the conversations.

A pat on the back goes a long way

March 13, 2013
Employees need positive reinforcement and incentives to perform at their best, and a little recognition goes a long way toward enhancing employee motivation and loyalty. Here are some suggestions you can pass on to team leaders and super­­visors to get them started.

Truly get what employees mean

November 1, 2010
Your employees won’t always come right out and tell you what is on their minds. Ensure that you fully understand the message behind someone’s words by following this advice.

Give anecdotes, not advice

November 1, 2001
As a manager, you can tell employees what they should and should not do. But telling people what to do often triggers resistance.

Get a nitpicker back on track

April 1, 2001
If you manage compulsive nitpickers, then you’ve probably squandered hours haggling with them over minutiae. Try these strategies.