Tips for Managers

3 lessons from George Washington

March 1, 2014
George Washington’s battlefield leadership legacy speaks for itself. Author and trainer Nick Tasler, however, says that today’s leaders can learn as much from Washington’s counterintuitive decision process as they can from the grit and initiative demonstrated in the face of very long odds.

Stop micromanaging staff

February 1, 2014
An inability to let go of minutiae cuts dramatically into your productivity and your staff’s productivity. Is micromanagement impeding your progress? Answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions:

Take the pulse of your team

February 1, 2014
Use this exercise to evaluate how well your team is working together and to isolate problems that might be brewing.

Motivate remote workers

February 1, 2014
If some employees work at home—even on a part-time basis—they may feel out of the loop and unmotivated at times. To keep those employees feeling connected and motivated, take these steps:

Dos and don’ts for harassment complaints

February 1, 2014
How would you respond if an employee raised a harassment complaint? Rely on these tips:

Sidestep 2 decision traps

February 1, 2014
Choosing the best solution calls for thoughtful discussion and judgment. Avoid these two potential traps:

Quick process for delegating tasks

February 1, 2014
Confused about what to delegate? Start with one basic principle: Delegate any task or responsibility that a subordinate can handle or can be trained to handle.

3 trends changing the workplace

February 1, 2014
Fierce, Inc., an award-winning leadership development company, predicts that many of the “old school” management practices will go by the wayside as organizations adopt new models for engaging employees.

Managing prima donnas on your team

February 1, 2014
If your work team includes a few prima donnas, you understand their unique problems. Prima donnas cannot grasp the possibility that they are not perfect. Use these tactics to manage those employees:

5 ways to reduce turnover

February 1, 2014
Can you afford to lose some of your best workers because you fail to engage them? You can keep employees satisfied with five simple tactics: