Tips for Managers

Nail employees’ midyear check-ins

June 27, 2018
Now is the perfect time to sit down with employees, assess how far they’ve come—and determine how far they still need to go.

Turn up critical thinking skills

May 23, 2018
Use these tips to boost employees’ ability to think critically, for the times you’re not around.

Increase employee accountability

May 23, 2018
You may want to be the anti-micromanager, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid holding employees accountable. Here are some rules you must follow.

What to say to pregnant co-workers

May 23, 2018
Do you have a pregnant co-worker or employee? Here’s a list of things you should—and shouldn’t—say during those nine, often difficult months.

Prevent idea overload

May 23, 2018
When you ask your team for ideas, the worst thing that can happen is that no one says anything. However, too many ideas can be hard to process, assess and act on. Use this strategy.

Announce a firing via email

April 25, 2018
When you fire an employee, in-person meetings with co-workers to announce the news is ideal. However, sometimes you need to spread the word quickly through email. Follow these guidelines.

Assess fit for remote positions

April 25, 2018
Opening up a job position to remote employees is a great way to expand your talent pool and find exceptional teammates. Just make you ask these questions to ensure they are ready for the challenge of working remotely.

Lead staff who resist supervision

April 25, 2018
As a leader, you need your employees to accept your guidance and follow your rules, so address the behavior immediately, following this advice.

3 big pains of work communication

April 25, 2018
One-third of U.S. employees report wanting to quit their jobs due to poor communication at work. Here’s what you can do to improve conditions in your workplace.

Bring together sparring co-workers

April 18, 2018
If you have two great employees who don’t like each other, follow these tips.