Tips for Managers

When to take a hard line with gossips

October 7, 2020
Let’s be honest: People love to talk about other people. They love to make everyone else think they’re in the know, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t change human nature. But there are times when you have to take a hard—and perhaps permanent—line with gossips.

Stifle ‘mobbing’ with 3 steps

September 23, 2020
In workplace “mobbing,” a group of workers intimidates, bullies, or humiliates another employee or manager—most often through verbal abuse. Here are three tips for putting an end to it.

Negativity sometimes rooted in fear

September 23, 2020
Before you turn your back on negative workers—or turn them out— explore their concerns and what can be done.

Suspect bullying? Intervene fast

September 23, 2020
Take all claims seriously. Bullying can lead to physical violence, long-term psychological damage—and the harassment lawsuits that accompany them. Here are several tactics to use when following up on your suspicions.

Go positive in exit interviews

September 23, 2020
Though exit interviews can yield key insights into what’s wrong with your organization, don’t overlook the positive side.

A better way to ask questions

September 23, 2020
When you ask employees questions, the way you ask influences not only the answers they give, but also your relationship with the employees afterward. It’s easy for a simple question to appear like an aggressive one to employees. Here are some examples.

Tactfully help grieving employees

September 23, 2020
When an employee suffers a personal crisis, such as the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to know how to respond. Of course, you want to express sympathy, but you may feel the need to balance your roles as both manager and acquaintance or friend. Here’s what you can do.

Plan layoff meeting carefully

September 23, 2020
Laying off an employee is never easy, but not thinking about it won’t help. It’s better to plan your meeting with the employee in detail, including the steps you should take before the meeting. These tips should help.

Get staff to own your plan

August 26, 2020
You’ve probably found yourself in this predicament: You have what you think is a good plan to achieve a goal or solve a problem. How can you cross the ownership gap between “the boss’s idea” and “our plan”?

Yes, ask staff for feedback

August 26, 2020
Good managers give feedback. Smart managers ask for it. Here’s how to encourage your employees to give you feedback about your performance that you can learn from.