Tips for Managers

Help workers ask for what they need

January 1, 2004
Every manager’s dealt with demanding and unreasonable employees. But every manager’s also dealt with workers whose demands are reasonable — but who are afraid to ask the boss (that’s you) for what they need. Here are some ways you can help:

Give anecdotes, not advice

November 1, 2001
As a manager, you can tell employees what they should and should not do. But telling people what to do often triggers resistance.

Get a nitpicker back on track

April 1, 2001
If you manage compulsive nitpickers, then you’ve probably squandered hours haggling with them over minutiae. Try these strategies.

How to respond to mistakes

October 1, 2000
If you refuse to set and enforce high standards, you’re not doing your people any favors and you’ll be stuck with second-rate work. Respond to blunders in a firm but supportive manner.

Cut Noise Pollution at Work

July 1, 1997
Stroll through your workplace and listen. What do you hear?