• Ask the Attorney
    November 19, 2018 1:00pm

    Keeping up with employment law changes is an important part of your job. And HR has seen a flurry of compliance activity in the first two years of the Trump administration. It's essential that you stay in compliance and prepare for other changes coming this fall and beyond. Got HR law questions? We've got answers!

  • The Growing Problem of Workplace Incivility: How to Reduce Rudeness, Encourage Courtesy & Create a More Professional Atmosphere
    November 20, 2018 1:00pm

    Respectful treatment creates the foundation for cooperation between individuals and collaboration among departments. When people are rude and disrespectful to one another, they are much less likely to share information, contribute helpful suggestions, or offer assistance with problems.

  • Coaching Skills for Managers & Supervisors
    November 26, 2018 1:00pm

    In every management job, coaching challenges occur on a regular basis. But since no one is born knowing how to be a coach, managers must learn the specific skills and techniques required to handle these situations effectively.

  • Payroll Update 2018 & 2019: New Tax Code, New Laws and Required Changes
    November 27, 2018 1:00pm

    The tax code has undergone a profound change and the payroll landscape is changing with it. Smart moves in the coming months will help you avoid big trouble (and big fines) down the road.

  • Presentations Steve Jobs Style
    November 28, 2018 1:00pm

    Steve Jobs presentationWidely considered one of the most gifted presenters ever, Jobs understood how to deliver memorable speeches in a seemingly effortless, engaging manner. His conversational tone, simple yet compelling word choice and masterful use of slides and other props helped reinforce his message in winning ways.

  • Employee Expense Reimbursements: Compliance Workshop
    November 29, 2018 1:00pm

    The legal and financial risks of mishandling employee expense reimbursements have spiked in recent years. And the IRS is in the middle of a wide-ranging audit crackdown on employment-tax issues. Would your books survive an IRS spot-check?

  • Effective Gatekeeping
    November 30, 2018 1:00pm

    Effective GatekeepingYour role as gatekeeper is critical to the success of your organization, your executive(s) and your career. And building your skills in this area will not only enhances productivity, but also builds trust between you and your executive.

  • 1099 Compliance: New Rules & New IRS Scrutiny
    December 3, 2018 1:00pm

    Federal 1099Year-end means more than just providing employees with W-2s. But many payroll departments get hit with the double whammy of also having to prepare Forms 1099-MISC for their independent contractors.

  • Timekeeping & Payroll Recordkeeping: Legal Compliance for 2019
    December 4, 2018 1:00pm

    All tax and wage & hour audits depend on the quality of your records. Bad records will sink you every time. And while it's more important than ever to stay in compliance, it's also more complex. We'll explain in plain English how you can master this core HR responsibility – and keep your organization out of court!

  • Bargaining with the Devil: Strategies and Techniques for Negotiating with Tough Opponents
    December 5, 2018 1:00pm

    From politics and global diplomacy to the sports world, negotiation has been in the news of late. The issues are vastly different, but these negotiations have one thing in common.