What to Say When…

…A worker falls into a prolonged funk

January 22, 2020
For whatever reason, employees sometimes fall into a disgruntled funk. If the mood persists, it’s time for the talk. Here are four steps to take.

…You’re discussing a performance issue

January 2, 2020
You’ve got to frame the discussion right when you address a performance issue or behavior problem with an employee. The wrong approach will create misunderstandings and resentment, but if you know how to position your message, you’ll get better results. Here’s how to do it.

…You need workers to act quickly

November 20, 2019
Important tasks often pop up unexpectedly, and when they do, you rely on other people to deliver work to you quickly. Follow these tips to clue them in on new tasks’ urgency.

…You’re introducing a new policy in your workplace

October 23, 2019
Laying down a new rule in the workplace will often rankle your employees. Include these elements when you introduce a new policy to your office.

… You’re asking someone to lend you a hand

October 1, 2019
Position your request as something that will benefit the other person. You aren’t asking for something; you are granting them an opportunity.

…Someone blindsides you with criticism

August 28, 2019
Follow these suggestions when you’re on the receiving end of destructive criticism.

… You’re coaching staff on how to deal with angry customers

June 26, 2019
Sometimes your customers are angry. Very angry. And your front-line team members have to bear the brunt of that rage, even if they have nothing to do with creating it. Here are some strategies that can help your team face customers’ wrath.

… You’re giving positive feedback

November 29, 2018
Call it positive feedback or old-fashioned praise, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your team-leading toolkit. It can boost production, improve communication and inspire loyalty. Here’s how to dish out the accolades for maximum effect.

… An employee gets on your nerves

October 24, 2018
As a manager, you have to work with all sorts of personalities. But when an employee’s behavior gets on your nerves and interferes with your work, you need a simple, gentle way to take action. Try this approach.

… You’re drawn into a political topic

September 26, 2018
Here are some tips on how you can handle it, from Stacey Engle, EVP of sales and marketing at Fierce Conversations.