What to Say When…

… You’re trying to keep your cool

August 22, 2018
Do you find that your employees, co-workers or customers test your patience on occasion? While biting your tongue and counting to 10 are good ways to cope with anger, here are some other strategies to try when you start to see red.

… You’re asked some tough reference check questions

July 25, 2018
A manager should only speak to the areas of the employee’s skills and experience about which he has direct knowledge. There are questions a manager shouldn’t answer directly.

… You need to counsel a worker on an embarrassing issue

July 17, 2018
Sooner or later, you’ll need to face it: having a talk with an employee about issues that are just plain embarrassing—for both of you. Here is some advice.

… Workers resist new responsibilities

December 1, 2017
Change in the workplace is inevitable. So is the bickering and resistance when the change means new and different duties for employees. Here is how to handle the team’s resistance to more or different work.

… You’re trying to be humorous

October 25, 2017
Properly used, humor is a valuable leadership tool. Here’s some advice when you want to inject a little fun.

… You need to enforce the rules

September 27, 2017
No matter how “casual” or “creative” your people and workplace are, you’ll eventually need to enforce some basic work rules. Here’s how to lay down the law without turning into an ogre or demotivating your team.

… You need to restore your credibility

July 5, 2017
Let’s say that even though you didn’t mean to, you ended up making a promise to your team you couldn’t keep. Here’s how to start rebuilding your credibility.

… Worker’s effort is ‘minimum’

May 24, 2017
Here’s what to do when an employee is just scraping by.

… You need to deny a request for time off

April 27, 2017
Your organization’s policies provide strong guidelines, but sooner or later every supervisor gets a request for time off that calls for individual judgment.

… You need to enforce a work rule

February 22, 2017
If good rules are not being followed, you need to act.