Quickly link text

October 1, 2014
With Google Docs’ Power Linking feature, you can take the pain out of linking to sources within documents.

Avoid these blogging mistakes

September 1, 2014
Your followers want clear, concise content that they can absorb quickly. Avoid making these mistakes on your next blog entry:

5 to-dos before sending

September 1, 2014
Before sending an email, memo or proposal, make sure it’s perfect. Keep these tips in mind before you share it with others.

Write confusion-free memos

September 1, 2014
When writing a memo, address the five “W’s” and one “H” of the topic. If your memo is clear and thorough, you will ensure that recipients read it and know exactly what to do next.

Remember contacts

September 1, 2014
While it may take more time upfront, taking extensive notes about contacts allows you to create meaningful interactions.

Create a standout job posting

August 1, 2014
When you need to fill a position, don’t put together a rushed job ad. Follow this process to craft a job description that will attract top talent:

4 tips for better SEO content

August 1, 2014
When writing for the Web, you no longer need to focus on keyword density to rank high in search engines. Instead, focus on writing high-quality content.

Pitch your guest blog ideas

August 1, 2014
Guest blogging expands your network and helps establish your place within your field. When submitting a pitch to blog owners, show them that you are worthy of a spot on their blogs.

Draft a more engaging speech

August 1, 2014
Giving an effective presentation depends largely on how well you know your audience. As you write your speech, ask these questions:

4 ways to nurture your network

August 1, 2014
Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Interacting with others and building connections can further your career and create business opportunities for your organization. Spend just 30 minutes each day doing one of the following: