Write an awesome slogan

January 1, 2014
A well-written slogan can reinforce your brand—and offer you immediate recognition. (Try to hear “Just do it” and not think of Nike.) Follow these tips to draft a catchy—memorable—slogan for your organization.

Rid your writing of these words

December 1, 2013
Clean up your writing by removing unnecessary words that distract the reader. Search for and delete these words:

16 ‘unwritten rules’ for texting

May 10, 2013
Now that everyone is spending more time texting, a few rules of the road might be in order. Geoffrey James, writing in the Sales Source column for Inc., has come up with his unwritten rules for business texting.

The power of 3

January 9, 2013
Three blind mice, the three little pigs, three wishes—there’s a reason childhood stories revolve around the magic number “3.” Our brains tend to think in threes.