Create effective cue cards

June 1, 2014
Having well-organized cue cards gives you added security when you take the stage. However, if you keep your eyes glued to your cue cards, you may neglect to inject gestures and facial expressions into your presentation.

Boost your digital presence

June 1, 2014
Guest blogging is a quick way to build up your online presence. If you aren’t getting the traffic or connections you seek, consider reaching out to credible blogs in your industry.

3 newsletter tips

June 1, 2014
If you have a corporate newsletter, ensure that the time you invest in creating it is worth it. Create a newsletter employees will actually read with these tips.

Boost performance with journaling

May 1, 2014
Journaling has surprising benefits for professionals. Whether you use pen and paper or an online platform, journaling can help you tune in to yourself and your habits—and chart a path for improvement.

Organize your thoughts

April 1, 2014
Never miss out on a good idea because you couldn’t capture your “eureka” moment.

Send handwritten thank-you cards

April 1, 2014
In this age of digital communication, sending handwritten thank-you notes is a unique way to show your contacts, customers or employees that you care.

Improve staff survey response rates

April 1, 2014
Even the most proactive organizations struggle with getting employees to complete and return surveys. Use these three tips from SurveyMonkey to improve employee survey response rates:

Encourage email clarity

March 1, 2014
Encourage clear and effective email communication by regularly coaching employees on their writing styles. Provide them with good examples of both internal and external email communication, and provide specific feedback on common problem areas.

Write 500 words per day

March 1, 2014
Best-selling author and historian Shelby Foote produced his authoritative three-volume, 2,500-page history of the Civil War using a simple but powerful strategy: To avoid being overwhelmed by the scope of the project, he committed to writing only 500 words per day.

Optimize your blog

January 1, 2014
Don’t let all of those archived blog posts go to waste. Those old posts can still drive organic traffic to your site because each post is its own page and is indexed in the search engine results page (SERP).