You & Your Co-Workers

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No reactions are needed: People know if you’re listening

August 14, 2017
We have a belief that when we’re listening to someone, we have to do something to show that we’re listening, like smiling or nodding our head. Not so. That’s called looking like you’re listening.

4 rules for offering criticism

July 5, 2017
At some point, you will need to criticize an idea, someone’s performance or the outcome of a project. When you do, follow these tips.

When ‘honesty’ goes too far

July 5, 2017
Do you work with someone who takes a no-holds-barred approach to sharing an opinion? Who prides him- or herself on “telling it like it is”? All that candidness might be hiding something deeper.

Avoid HiPPO problem at work

June 18, 2017
Are wild hippos evading the workplace? No, but HiPPO—accepting the “highest paid person’s opinion” as the most valuable—certainly is an issue.

6 traits of the best employees

May 24, 2017
Which employees should you be fighting to keep? It doesn’t always come down to their knowledge, skills or personality. Instead, the most exceptional employees possess these attributes.

Friendly or flirting? Here’s how to tell

May 24, 2017
A flirting co-worker can make you feel uncomfortable. Worse, such behavior can be considered sexual harassment. Here’s the difference.

5 times video messages win

May 21, 2017
Written messages serve a purpose, but video messages can have a much more powerful impact on recipients.

When you catch someone in a lie

April 27, 2017
When a co-worker or even your boss tells a fib, and you find out, it’s natural to feel hurt or angry—but that doesn’t mean you should react. Take these steps instead.

Plan communication with the boss

April 27, 2017
When you gain a new supervisor, it’s a smart idea to outline expectations for how the two of you will communicate.

How do you ask someone to repeat?

April 27, 2017
Here are some common lines and how they might be interpreted.
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