You & Your Co-Workers

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‘Um, about those quirks of yours…’

October 10, 2017
Tips on what to do about a co-worker whose personality quirks are harming her career.

A better way to share ideas

September 27, 2017
You could have the best idea in the world, but if you botch your presentation of it, no one will care. Follow these tips to state your case well.

Get along with a difficult co-worker

September 27, 2017
Do you have a co-worker who drives you nuts? Don’t waste your time and energy being angry and annoyed. Instead, follow these tips.

4 ways to escalate a conflict

August 23, 2017
As you might already know, it’s quite easy to let what started out as a civil conversation turn nasty. Here are four surefire ways to turn a healthy debate into an all-out donny­brook.

Politely change the subject

August 23, 2017
When the conversation turns political, religious, too personal or controversial, or it just seems to go on forever, here’s how to change the topic without offending others.

No reactions are needed: People know if you’re listening

August 14, 2017
We have a belief that when we’re listening to someone, we have to do something to show that we’re listening, like smiling or nodding our head. Not so. That’s called looking like you’re listening.

4 rules for offering criticism

July 5, 2017
At some point, you will need to criticize an idea, someone’s performance or the outcome of a project. When you do, follow these tips.

When ‘honesty’ goes too far

July 5, 2017
Do you work with someone who takes a no-holds-barred approach to sharing an opinion? Who prides him- or herself on “telling it like it is”? All that candidness might be hiding something deeper.

Avoid HiPPO problem at work

June 18, 2017
Are wild hippos evading the workplace? No, but HiPPO—accepting the “highest paid person’s opinion” as the most valuable—certainly is an issue.

6 traits of the best employees

May 24, 2017
Which employees should you be fighting to keep? It doesn’t always come down to their knowledge, skills or personality. Instead, the most exceptional employees possess these attributes.
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