You & Your Co-Workers

Stop rankism in the workplace

September 28, 2016
When employees “pull rank” on other employees, the effects can be devastating.

Deal with a fragrance issue

September 28, 2016
If a co-worker’s perfume, cologne or other strong scent is wreaking havoc on your allergies, asthma or gag reflex, don’t suffer in silence.

5 signs of insecure people

September 28, 2016
If you want to prove to your boss, co-workers and customers that you are confident and capable, don’t commit these actions that scream “I’m insecure!”

Rebound from a co-worker’s insult

September 28, 2016
Follow these five steps to take the sting out of a co-worker’s insult.

Are you a jerk without knowing it?

September 23, 2016
Most people don’t even realize they are being a jerk, until someone points it out. If you exhibit these behaviors in the workplace, your co-workers just might think you are a Grade A jerk.

Make that apology count

September 21, 2016
Do you feel like you have wronged a co-worker so severely that there’s no coming back from it? While you could’ve burned some bridges, don’t consider the relationship over until you genuinely apologize.

Renege without losing trust

September 16, 2016
You can’t do it all, and while it should be the exception and not the norm, sometimes you have to back out of a commitment. Here is how to do it without destroying your relationships.

Manage a disruptive boss

September 6, 2016
Between distractions, troublesome co-workers and all the red tape at work, it’s a wonder you get your job done at all. What measures can you take when your boss is the one keeping you from doing your job?

I cried at work–now what?

August 22, 2016

Uh-oh. You cried at work. Whatever the reason, you let your emotions get the better of you. You don’t want to let one emotional outburst make you look weak or unprofessional, so follow this advice to rebound.

One phrase to avoid with staff

August 17, 2016
Do you want to enrage employees—and damage your relationship with them? If you don’t, avoid saying that something is “not possible.” As in, “Increasing the budget is ‘not possible.’ ”