You & Your Co-Workers

How to lead former peers

July 1, 2014
Once you receive a promotion into a management position, you likely will supervise the people who were once your coworkers and even friends. Follow these tips to handle the sometimes difficult—often awkward—transition:

When coworkers take your credit

July 1, 2014
People frequently try to steal credit for work they didn’t do. Here’s what to do when a coworker attempts to steal your spotlight:

Address an irritating behavior

May 1, 2014
With varied personalities within a company, someone’s behavior is likely to irritate you. If you reach a point where you can no longer be tolerant, address it respectfully.

Manage a former coworker

April 1, 2014
Nowhere is consistency more important than when managing an employee who was once a colleague. If you’ve been promoted above a former coworker, remember these tips:

Structure conversations for results

April 1, 2014
If your conversations with coworkers and employees almost never lead to the results you want, you may be missing key components to the conversation.

Coach staff to resolve conflicts

April 1, 2014
Employees, and sometimes whole teams, learn to rely on managers or supervisors to resolve internal conflicts instead of finding their own solutions. The next time you build a training or team-building exercise, focus it on coaching employees to tackle conflict resolution themselves.

Manage a dotted-line relationship

March 1, 2014
Many organizations eschew standard hierarchical reporting relationships for less-defined dotted-line scenarios. If you find yourself managing or being managed in a dotted-line relationship, follow these two suggestions:

3 ‘don’ts’ for questions

February 1, 2014
You can cause conflict when you respond to questions in an aggressive or rude way. Here are three tips you should remember when you respond to people’s questions:

When a new staffer doesn’t ‘jell’

February 1, 2014
Some new employees have a hard time when they join a tight-knit team. If one of your new employees has a hard time fitting in, follow this advice:

6 steps to disagree agreeably

January 1, 2014
Face it: You won’t always agree with your coworkers. Clashes are inevitable. Follow these suggestions to take the sting out of conflict: