You & Your Co-Workers

Overcoming workplace saboteurs

August 5, 2009
Question: “My manager asked me to take over a very difficult position for which I had no background or training. He has been pleased with my progress. However, a group of guys from another department seem determined to make me fail. They ignore my requests, withhold information and argue about everything. My male predecessor left because of their behavior, so my being a woman is not the only problem. I tried making peace by offering to help with their work, but that only made things worse. Apparently, they viewed my olive branch as a sign of surrender. Recently, my boss and their manager decided that all communication between us must go through the two of them. This worries me, because it looks like I can’t handle the situation. Any suggestions?” — Not One of the Guys

What to say when dealing with a ranter

July 1, 2009
When a colleague or customer gets so upset they stop making sense, you need to remember this: Too much adrenaline is muddling their thinking. Here are the most common forms of ranting, along with what to say to get them back on track quickly:

Getting meeting feedback

August 1, 2005
We’ve all been in meetings that wasted our time. And we’ve said so—after the meeting, when it was too late. Here’s how to get that feedback on your own meetings when you need it:

Cubicle etiquette: Don’t be a prairie dog

February 1, 2005
If you’ve noticed a lack of “cubicle etiquette” around the office lately, distribute the following “good neighbor” checklist to your co-workers. Example: Don’t be an office prairie dog. Instead of popping your head over the top of a partition, walk around it to see your neighbor.

Got the smarts? Don’t rub it in

December 1, 1997
Convinced you’re smarter than just about everyone else at work? You may be right, but don’t get carried away. Your intelligence can work for or against you.