You & Your Co-Workers

When a co-worker owes you money

December 21, 2018
You loaned a co-worker some money for lunch or they ordered Girl Scout cookies from your daughter but haven’t forked over the cash. Follow this advice to get paid—without making things weird.

You weren’t supposed to see this email

December 12, 2018
Imagine this scenario: You open your email to see a message from an employee. As you read it, you discover it was sent to you by mistake, and it is highly likely the employee hoped you’d never set eyes on it. Why? Because it bashed you pretty severely.

Taking the lead after a promotion

November 29, 2018
When you beat out a co-worker for a management promotion, use this advice to acknowledge the shift in power.

When emotions run high

November 29, 2018
When co-workers’ emotions get the best of them, here’s how to respond.

4 ways to praise peers

November 29, 2018
Recognizing your co-workers’ strengths and work ethic is a great way to build a stronger relationship. Besides, it’s a kind thing to do. If you avoid praising your peers because you don’t know what to say, turn to this list of compliments they will appreciate.

Build relationships in 2 minutes

November 29, 2018
If you want to build stronger relationships with an employee, co-worker or personal contact, use the 2×10 Strategy.

React to a co-worker’s demands

November 29, 2018
You want to be a team player, but what if your co-worker walks into your workstation or shoots you an email demanding that you do something? If the person doesn’t have the authority to tell you what to do, take this advice.

Feel less isolated at work

November 29, 2018
If you work remotely, use these tips to build strong relationships with your on-location co-workers.

Stop dishing out advice and start listening!

November 20, 2018
There are many things to be said about venting and releasing one’s angst or frustration through dialogue. In fact, the most important thing to be said is what is actually being said during this dialogue!

How to recognize gaslighting

October 24, 2018
The term “gaslighting” has been popping up in the news lately. Here’s what it means and how to determine if you are a victim.