Your Career

3 fundamentals for success

December 23, 2020
In today’s fast-paced marketplace, leaders have to be nimble and confident. Here are some skills every leader should master in order to stay on top of his or her game.

When a customer complains, zero in on it

December 23, 2020
You already know that it’s crucial to listen to complaining customers. However, exactly what should you listen for when a customer rants about your product or service? Start with the basics.

Set an example for your stars

December 9, 2020
Let these three principles guide you as you lead your A team.

Jeff Bezos: Call it work/life harmony

December 9, 2020
I know if I am energized at work, happy at work, feeling like I’m adding value, part of a team, whatever energizes you, that makes me better at home. Likewise, if I’m happy at home, it makes me a better employee, a better boss.

Increase your cybersecurity

December 2, 2020
Anyone who connects to the Internet or another device using Wi-Fi can be hacked. Cybersecurity education is essential to mitigate digital risks. Remember these tips, and consult sites like Cybrary, InfoSecInstitue and Udemy to learn more.

1-Minute Strategies: December ’20

November 4, 2020
Share your screen, but not for too long … Try a “Questions” box … Wait, Rudolph is a girl?? … I’ll be with you in a zeptosecond … Trees are still open for business … Do you mispell these wurds?

Sound Bites: November ’20

October 29, 2020
Having trouble leading meetings? … Save the intro for the end … Want people to contribute ideas and thoughts in a meeting?

Time to unplug: Stop feeling like you’re always ‘on’

October 9, 2020
With the odds heavy that many workers will remain virtual for the foreseeable future, consider these strategies aimed at helping to disconnect and unwind.

6 ways to optimize home Wi-Fi

October 7, 2020
Working from home offers many conveniences—as long as the internet connection remains stable. The competition for connectivity is critical in this age of teleworking and homeschooling, considering all the wireless devices being engaged and their overload risk. These DIY tips can improve coverage for every device.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1120

October 7, 2020
It’s easy to fall into saying “I’m sorry” to extremes … Bring delegated jobs to a proper close by telling employees how their efforts paid off … Are your employees genuinely treated well?