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Google Voice: An antidote to unwanted messages and scams

March 24, 2021
From theft of personal and financial data to reputational harm, lost productivity, and much more, being extra secure in today’s digitally connected world sometimes feels like we need to act a little shady ourselves just to avoid being taken advantage of. Here are a few ways that we can use Google Voice to maintain at least a little anonymity and fend off unwanted junk.

Sound Bites: April ’21

March 24, 2021
Don’t let promising ideas just drop off your desk … Put polished résumés in perspective … Got a presentation coming up and are at a loss for words? … Secret to stress reduction … Who’s guarding the hen house?

Recreate the ‘office’ in your virtual workplace

February 24, 2021
Technology and infrastructure solutions abound and have helped drive ongoing productivity. But at the center of a successful transition is the team leader, whose influence, as outlined here, is magnified in a virtual environment.

10 tips to keep cybersecurity nightmares at bay

February 24, 2021
There’s an ongoing need to strengthen computing practices and stay vigilant against cyber attacks—up 600% due to COVID-19 (now aptly referred to as the “cyberdemic”). Emails and passwords are especially prime targets for hackers. Use these tips to stay safe.

Are you the office chatterbox? 4 tips to shut the heck up

February 24, 2021
Ever listen to a long-winded blabbermouth? Don’t be like that person. To gauge whether you need to scale back on your talking, consider these questions.

Sound Bites: March ’21

February 24, 2021
“It” is the key … Don’t ask a question only to answer it … Offer better advice … If you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many meetings, analyze them … Now that’s tiny type!

Say ‘No’ and feel guilt-free

February 10, 2021
You can’t please everyone all the time—which means you’d better learn how to turn down requests from employees, peers, and business associates. Refuse graciously by following these guidelines.

Sound Bites: February ’21

February 1, 2021
When you can’t get a word in … Try this thought-provoking interview question … Avoid underlining any words in your digital copy … Is it email or e-mail? … Try an “audio résumé” … “What is haywire,” anyway?

How to ensure a successful partnership

January 27, 2021
Partnering isn’t just for co-owners of businesses. Whenever you develop a long-term relationship with a fellow manager from another department, a client, or an employee with whom you work closely, in many ways you’ve got a partner. David Gage identifies four of the issues you need to think through to make it work.

4 LinkedIn tips to communicate and market your value

January 27, 2021
Career advancement is a potential that we all have, but we must execute to meet it. Leveraging the business and employment-oriented powers of LinkedIn can be instrumental to our success.