Your Career

Reduce the pressure at work

September 23, 2020
This year has been a difficult year for everyone. And of course, your employees are under a tremendous amount of stress. There is no need for you to add to it. Here’s what you can do to make things easier.

Never leave customers wondering

September 23, 2020
For customers, time spent waiting for help is anxious time. Train your employees to take these steps when responding to customers.

How do I want to be thought of when I leave a room?

September 23, 2020
If you work with malice or forgetfulness or rudeness or disingenuousness or a quest for power, when you leave the room, you are regularly remembered for that and only that. It’s a harsh reality, but it is also a clear line in the sand between caring and being a jerk.

Imagine what your visitors see and hear

September 23, 2020
Regardless of how comfortable you want it to be, too much informality might not help make the impression you prefer.

Sound Bites: October ’20

September 23, 2020
No more email graveyard … Done speaking? Ask one final question

Sound Bites: September ’20

September 16, 2020
Are you too quick to offer help to employees who come to you with problems? … How does it strike you when someone says “What?” right after you’ve said something? … Pre-speech calisthenics … Hand-draw your proposals

Tasty treats for tricky interviews

September 2, 2020
Knocking on a hiring manager’s door can feel unnerving, especially when self-doubt creeps in and you’re afraid of being dished ghastly tricks instead of treats. These strategies will help you maneuver through loaded questions and sell yourself confidently.

Cue up podcasts on the joyful path to self-improvement

August 26, 2020
Is there such a thing as healthy addictions? Yes!

4 ways to lead social progress and leverage online resources

July 22, 2020
How do we stay confident in our ability to improve the world around us and amplify our impact?

Cut the bull with customers

July 22, 2020
If you or your people communicate with customers over the phone or via email, you undoubtedly have to deal with some who are worried, flustered or angry. Avoid making the situation worse with disingenuous, inaccurate or insincere replies: