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4 ways to lead social progress and leverage online resources

July 22, 2020
How do we stay confident in our ability to improve the world around us and amplify our impact?

Cut the bull with customers

July 22, 2020
If you or your people communicate with customers over the phone or via email, you undoubtedly have to deal with some who are worried, flustered or angry. Avoid making the situation worse with disingenuous, inaccurate or insincere replies:

Sound Bites: August ’20

July 22, 2020
Don’t be too quick to defend yourself over an error … Be very careful how you respond when an employee complains about working conditions … When coaching, ask questions

Sound Bites: July ’20

June 24, 2020
Delivering bad news? Take this three-pronged approach … Urge staffers to settle disputes on their own … Ask job candidates about past conflicts … Say “Thanks” in person

Sound Bites: June ’20

June 1, 2020
When you have to deal with an irate customer or colleague, try this strategy … Be sure the person with whom you’re talking is comfortable with your note-taking … Before you make that end-of-the-day phone call … Take the lead in answering concerns … Why QWERTY?

Optimism at work is overrated

May 27, 2020
You shouldn’t necessarily be focused on making employees feel positive about their work, at least that is according to Elizabeth Tenney, assistant professor of management at the University of Utah.

Find time to enjoy summer

May 27, 2020
Summer weather is here, the days are longer, and you are likely antsy to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Follow these tips to get more done, so that you can leave work earlier and actually enjoy your summer vacation this year.

Turn rejection into opportunity

May 27, 2020
Everyone is rejected from time to time, and you will be, too. However, handle rejection the right way and you can create future opportunities for yourself. Follow this advice to make the most of rejection.

Handle customer gripes in 5 steps

May 27, 2020
It’s no fun to have someone in your face—but with the right response, you can turn the situation to your advantage. Follow these steps to escape the most common pitfalls.

Tips for staying healthier while working from home

May 27, 2020
Some of the greatest challenges that colleagues and I have faced during our long-term shift to working from home are related to the increased amount of keyboard and screen time that our duties have required.