Your Career

Brainstorm without a meeting

February 26, 2020
When you need people to brainstorm but don’t want the headache of scheduling a meeting for it, try email.

Take the drama out of disagreement

February 26, 2020
How can we sidestep drama in our conversations when we live in a world of hyper-politicized and confrontational behavior?

Cultivate success with a strong brand and online reputation

February 26, 2020
We all have a personal brand that has impacted our existence on a daily basis, even before our evolution into the world of online communication. And when we carefully manage that brand, we allow it to take root as the foundation of our success.

When a headhunter contacts you

February 26, 2020
You may not think you’ll ever hear from a headhunter, but executive recruiter Michael Zinn suggests that you’re wrong. Headhunters never rest, and if you’re good at what you do, you’ll someday get contacted. So, how should you respond?

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0320

February 13, 2020
The pros of procrastination … How much eye contact is enough? … Avoid this conversation killer

No need to be an expert to impress

January 22, 2020
You may be new to your job, team or organization, but you can still show your leadership potential. Follow these two tips.

Prepare before you ask for a raise

January 22, 2020
If you have built up to courage to ask for a salary increase, boost your chances of receiving one by following these tips.

Identify business goals and pin your way to success

January 22, 2020
Creativity, teamwork, determination, adaptability, patience, empathic listening and the ability to develop a heart-centered connection with others have catapulted my performance and marketability through the years.

Snag a meeting with a busy boss

January 2, 2020
Start with a three-part “persuasion package” you can deliver by memo, email, phone or in person.

Fuel up on self-care and healthy digital boundaries

January 2, 2020
Monday is often the dreaded day over which our metaphorical whiskers tingle with anxiety. Even if we love our career, the urge to champion every project that hits the road, while steering around innumerable personal obstacles at home, can leave us feeling underappreciated and overwhelmed.