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2 ways to be happier at work

March 27, 2019
A strong work ethic and stellar productivity aren’t necessarily the keys to success. In fact, how happy you are at work may play an even more important role. Here are two science-backed ways to be happier on the job.

A new approach to listening

March 27, 2019
According to Guy Harris, leadership expert and coach, too many people listen to respond, not to understand.

Get to the root of a major error

March 27, 2019
When mistakes happen at work, don’t make assumptions or pass judgment. Instead of looking for someone to blame, focus your attention on getting to the truth by asking “Why?”

Act when a project is doomed

March 27, 2019
You brainstormed, planned, thought of the worst-case scenarios, and yet, here you are: knee-deep in a project that you think has the potential to be a total disaster. Do you keep plugging along? Speak up? Abort mission? Read on to find out.

Quick tips to cure tardiness

March 27, 2019
Do you struggle to make it to work or meetings on time? Being tardy can cause some serious damage to your workplace credibility, so follow these tips to get your act together.

Ask for more responsibility

March 27, 2019
You feel strongly that you are ready to tackle more at work, but your supervisor hasn’t offered you more authority or challenging assignments. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and ask for more responsibility.

Manage the boring stuff at work

March 27, 2019
You aren’t going to love everything about your job. Some of your tasks will be outright dull or tedious. Follow these tips to gain some new perspective.

Think before you communicate

March 27, 2019
Before you conduct any kind of communication, whether it’s in-person, by phone or via email, follow these basic principles, recommends Dan Ritchie, an instructor at Dale Carnegie Training of Long Island.

The boss says to improve—now what?

March 27, 2019
Your boss just hit you with some bad news: You need to improve your performance or find a new job. Here’s what to do next.

1-Minute Strategies: April ’19

March 7, 2019
Acknowledge the control you have over your time and actions … Don’t expect a response to impersonal emails … Let the sunshine in