Your Career

The telltale traits of a bully

July 25, 2018
Do you know anyone in your workplace who has the following traits? If so, they just might be a bully.

One question you should not ask

July 25, 2018
If you want advice from someone more experienced than you, avoid the question “May I pick your brain?” Do this instead.

Advance your career with these tips

July 25, 2018
Follow this time-tested communication advice to prove your value at work.

Win more negotiations

July 25, 2018
To come out on top during your next big negotiation, avoid this big deal crusher.

Pitch a very unpopular idea

July 25, 2018
If you expect a negative reaction to an idea or plan, use the Salami Tactic to persuade others to give it some more thought.

Before you join that ‘cool’ project

July 25, 2018
You may be excited for the opportunity to do something new—and showcase your talents—but just make sure that it doesn’t end up being a big waste of your time and energy. Follow these tips.

Roseanne Barr is at it again

June 28, 2018
After Barr’s late-night, highly inappropriate, racist tweet (which I refuse to repeat here) sparked a social media fire storm, ABC canned the reboot of her popular “Roseanne” show. Several more stations took repeats of the old show off the air. I’m not sure why the world is so shocked.

Easily talk about your performance

June 27, 2018
If you are interviewing for a promotion at work or preparing your self-evaluation for an upcoming performance review, you may need to answer behavioral interview questions. Use the STAR format to guide you.

7 questions to ask your mentor

June 27, 2018
A mentor can provide you with insight you can use to make decisions about your career, develop career-advancing skills, and improve in areas you are falling short. But only if you make productive use of the time you get to spend with him or her.

Make going back to work easier

June 27, 2018
It’s summer, and hopefully, you have a vacation and some long weekends planned for fun and relaxation. Ensure that when you return to work, you are as productive as ever by following these tips.