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Grammar Slammer Grammar Slammer

Punctuation, usage, spelling ... the Grammar Slammer is keeping an eye on the way we use (and misuse!) the written word.

Communications Library Communications

Keep on top of vital issues and improve your interactions with subordinates with a wide range of printable training guides.

Presentation Station Presentation Station

Tomorrow's the biggest presentation of your life, and you're still not quite feeling it. Here's a library of nuts and bolts assistance.

Multimedia Training Multimedia Training

A wide selection of video and audio recordings on communications issues is here to train you and your staff, whether you have only five minutes to spare or 75.

Sound Bites

Sound Bites: August ’16

When everyone on the team has a different idea of what represents true quality in a product, service or process—and a different view on how much time and effort should be put forward to achieve it—it creates a disparity that ripples throughout every department, with people not understanding why others are spending too much or too little time on every task, and creating systems that seem either inadequate or excessive. To become efficient, everyone must be on the exact same page when answering the question, “How good does this need to be?”

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Communicator of the Month

Communicator of the Month

Caught between The Rock and a hard place: Dwayne Johnson’s social media mistake

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a beloved Hollywood icon who usually doesn’t put his foot in his mouth. However, a recent social media post lands him on our Worst Communicator list.

What to Say When...

What to Say When...

… an employee is caught in a lie

Most people on the job tell the truth—but not everyone all the time. While a single exaggeration, falsification or omission of selected facts from a story needn’t result in immediate dismissal, it’s best to deal with such problems when they first appear. Here are some guidelines for handling situations where you suspect an employee is lying.

Social Studies

Social Studies

What not to do on social media

With social media being perhaps the most popular way to connect with customers and build brand awareness, advice on how best to use it comes from every direction. However, here are four pieces of advice you can probably ignore.

Tactfully Speaking

Tactfully Speaking

Don’t be so quick to quit

Thinking about exiting your company? Conventional wisdom holds that employees leave managers, not companies. But recent LinkedIn surveys reveal deeper truths.

Your Office Coach

Your Office Coach

Deal with the well-meaning interrupter

Q: “You have previously said that cubicle conversations cannot be considered private because they take place in an open area. However, my situation is slightly different. Whenever someone comes to me with a question, the woman in the next cubicle yells out the answer before I have a chance to speak. I think it is very rude of her to butt in when someone has specifically asked for my opinion. How should I handle this?” Drowned Out