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Grammar Slammer Grammar Slammer

Punctuation, usage, spelling ... the Grammar Slammer is keeping an eye on the way we use (and misuse!) the written word.

Communications Library Communications

Keep on top of vital issues and improve your interactions with subordinates with a wide range of printable training guides.

Presentation Station Presentation Station

Tomorrow's the biggest presentation of your life, and you're still not quite feeling it. Here's a library of nuts and bolts assistance.

Multimedia Training Multimedia Training

A wide selection of video and audio recordings on communications issues is here to train you and your staff, whether you have only five minutes to spare or 75.

Sound Bites

August ’15

Dread delegating? You’re not alone. Many managers will explain an assignment, give a deadline, say, “See me with any questions,” and rush away. It’s better to delegate in a calm, unhurried manner. Close your office door and let the employee know why you’ve chosen her to take charge of a project. Praise the individual and express your confidence that the job’s in good hands.

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Communicator of the Month

Communicator of the Month

The small gesture that elevated a team and its star

This month, the U.S. women’s soccer team made history by being the first team to win three Women’s World Cups. But that might not be the most memorable thing about the day. In fact, we give that honor to Carli Lloyd, who showed what true teamwork is all about.

What to Say When...

What to Say When...

… you must decline a pay raise request

To decline a raise request without destroying an employee’s morale, follow this advice.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Avoid these humiliating social media errors

Don’t make these embarrassing, reputation-killing mistakes on any of your social media platforms.

Tactfully Speaking

Tactfully Speaking

3 strategies to up your empathy

Once in a while, we all need a reminder that our co-workers' behaviors are not necessarily designed just to drive us crazy.

Your Office Coach

Your Office Coach

When the bottom drops out of your career

Q: “Two years ago, my immediate boss, with whom I had a great relationship, was forced to resign. Shortly thereafter, I had a serious conflict with a colleague who was extremely close to our department vice president. After that incident, my career went downhill, although I had previously received high performance ratings and a promotion. I began to look for another job, but the economy took a nosedive and my wife was diagnosed with cancer, so leaving was completely out of the question. Now my wife is well again, and the economy has improved. But after having my self-esteem pounded on a daily basis, I no longer feel confident that anyone will hire me. Can you offer any advice?” Hopeless