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Grammar Slammer Grammar Slammer

Punctuation, usage, spelling ... the Grammar Slammer is keeping an eye on the way we use (and misuse!) the written word.

Communications Library Communications

Keep on top of vital issues and improve your interactions with subordinates with a wide range of printable training guides.

Presentation Station Presentation Station

Tomorrow's the biggest presentation of your life, and you're still not quite feeling it. Here's a library of nuts and bolts assistance.

Multimedia Training Multimedia Training

A wide selection of video and audio recordings on communications issues is here to train you and your staff, whether you have only five minutes to spare or 75.

Sound Bites

Sound Bites: February ’19

Want to get a chuckle from watching tourists being tourists? Google “Earthcam Abbey Road Cam” and you’ll get a live 24/7 view of the zebra crossing at Abbey Road, where John, Paul, George and Ringo were photographed for the cover of their iconic Beatles album. Give it a few minutes and you’ll see folks imitating the Fab Four on the busy intersection while often posing for a quick photo. For best results, check it out when it’s daylight in London.

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Communicator of the Month

Communicator of the Month

Avoid these big mistakes when emotions run high

Recently, an acquaintance was telling me about a situation with her now ex-boss. No doubt, the ex-boss epitomizes a Worst Communicator.

What to Say When...

What to Say When...

… You’re coaching staff on how to deal with angry customers

Sometimes your customers are angry. Very angry. And your front-line team members have to bear the brunt of that rage, even if they have nothing to do with creating it. Here are some strategies that can help your team face customers’ wrath.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Conduct a content audit this summer

If you want your social media game to be strong, you must start with strong content. Now is a great time to conduct a thorough content audit to determine if your content is up to snuff.

Your Office Coach

Your Office Coach

What are the politics behind your job title?

Q: “Our new Executive Director wants to change my job title from ‘communications director’ to ‘communications manager.’ I don’t believe the title of ‘manager’ accurately reflects the complexity of my work. When I meet with my boss to discuss this issue, I plan to show him my current job description and explain how my work is instrumental to achieving his vision for the company. Do you have any other suggestions?” More than a Manager