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Grammar Slammer Grammar Slammer

Punctuation, usage, spelling ... the Grammar Slammer is keeping an eye on the way we use (and misuse!) the written word.

Communications Library Communications

Keep on top of vital issues and improve your interactions with subordinates with a wide range of printable training guides.

Presentation Station Presentation Station

Tomorrow's the biggest presentation of your life, and you're still not quite feeling it. Here's a library of nuts and bolts assistance.

Multimedia Training Multimedia Training

A wide selection of video and audio recordings on communications issues is here to train you and your staff, whether you have only five minutes to spare or 75.

Sound Bites

Sound Bites: December ’18

The most productive meetings take place when all attendees use the same medium to participate. Splitting attendance between those who are present and those who are dialing in remotely tends to push the attention toward one faction or the other—usually making remote attendees more passive. Consider going all-remote if even a few attendees won’t be in the room.

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Communicator of the Month

Communicator of the Month

A lesson in accountability from a 9-year-old

This month’s Best Communicator Award is different. Maybe a little biased … because I’m giving it to my 9-year-old daughter. Here’s why.

What to Say When...

What to Say When...

… You’re giving positive feedback

Call it positive feedback or old-fashioned praise, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your team-leading toolkit. It can boost production, improve communication and inspire loyalty. Here’s how to dish out the accolades for maximum effect.

Social Studies

Social Studies

4 time-saving hacks for Instagram

Do you love Instagram? Try these tips to make it even easier and less time-consuming to use.

Your Office Coach

Your Office Coach

When the urge to rant strikes, know your audience

Q: "In my performance review, my supervisor wrote that I lack patience. She based this conclusion on some comments I made about our CEO during a recent project. This was extremely frustrating, so I often wound up venting to my boss. Although she seemed sympathetic, she now says that I was impatient. My overall review was good, but I am very upset about this comment." Misunderstood