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Grammar Slammer Grammar Slammer

Punctuation, usage, spelling ... the Grammar Slammer is keeping an eye on the way we use (and misuse!) the written word.

Communications Library Communications

Keep on top of vital issues and improve your interactions with subordinates with a wide range of printable training guides.

Presentation Station Presentation Station

Tomorrow's the biggest presentation of your life, and you're still not quite feeling it. Here's a library of nuts and bolts assistance.

Multimedia Training Multimedia Training

A wide selection of video and audio recordings on communications issues is here to train you and your staff, whether you have only five minutes to spare or 75.

Sound Bites

Sound Bites: April ’17

When introducing someone, don’t just say, for example, “This is Joan, our new payroll assistant.” Add a little more about Joan to help the conversation along. “This is Joan, our new payroll assistant. She spent the past five years working in Singapore and is fluent in five languages.”

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Communicator of the Month

Communicator of the Month

Sales pressure from the next cubicle? Just say ‘No!’

Earlier this week, I stumbled across JobSchmob.com, a website that is ripe with content for this column. If you ever want to put your own job issues in perspective, check it out.

What to Say When...

What to Say When...

… You need to enforce a work rule

If good rules are not being followed, you need to act.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social media etiquette 101

With as much as we use social media for both personal and professional reasons, it’s smart to revisit some etiquette rules.

Tactfully Speaking

Tactfully Speaking

How does your memory stack up?

Paying attention enhances our memory, but it’s not a simple feat. Fortunately, we can employ numerous tricks to make sure information sticks.

Your Office Coach

Your Office Coach

Starters vs. Maintainers: Which one are you?

Q: "I work as an office manager in a pleasant, stress-free environment. The pay is good, the schedule is flexible, and the staff is productive. Everyone gets along well. So what’s the problem? For the past two years, I have been bored out of my mind. I tried asking for additional responsibilities, but nothing ever happened. My friends say I have the perfect job, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Any thoughts?"  Underutilized