Improve meetings with this advice

July 21, 2016
Prevent conflict and accomplish more during each meeting by establishing these ground rules

Build a pitch like a sandwich

April 26, 2016
If you are planning to pitch an idea to your boss, build it like you would the perfect sandwich to get the greatest results.

Top 8 meeting pet peeves

March 17, 2016
Below are the meeting behaviors people find most annoying, according to a study. Are you guilty of committing or condoning any of them?

Presentation do’s and don’ts

March 8, 2016
Do you have to make a big presentation soon?

Put an end to feigned consensus

March 3, 2016
Have you ever left a meeting thinking everyone is onboard with a new plan, only to find out later that many people have doubts?

Enhance dry presentations with stories

December 18, 2015
Sharing stories is a powerful way to keep your listeners engaged and to drive home your message. However, what if you are a really bad storyteller? Follow this advice.

Make your pitches sing

December 9, 2015
Whether you are sharing a new idea with your boss or trying to close a deal with a potential client, use these tips to strengthen your pitch.

Quick tips for presentation prep

August 28, 2015
Rather than using the 15 minutes before your presentation to stress and fret, follow these tips to prepare mentally.

Quickly motivate, inform and engage

July 2, 2015
Improving communication and in­­creasing transparency within your organization doesn’t need to be an elaborate, time-intensive process. In fact,, a voice-over talent company, has found just the opposite is true.

Design an impactful presentation in just a half hour

March 24, 2015
There’s no reason for glazed stares during your talk. Here’s some advice on shaking things up.