Social Media

Leverage LinkedIn to gain clients

May 1, 2014
LinkedIn is a powerful resource for business professionals when used correctly. Are you making these three mistakes?

Target millennials

May 1, 2014
Marketing to millenials requires a targeted approach. Because they are so entrenched in technology, they want the organizations they do business with to reach them through social media.

Thank new customers via social media

May 1, 2014
Continue to foster relationships with new clients by showing some public appreciation on Twitter or Facebook.

Costly social marketing gaffe

April 1, 2014
Don’t start your tweets with an @ mention if you want to ensure that the mention is seen by everyone in both your Twitter feed and the recipient’s. Opening with a direct @ is considered a reply, not a mention.

Read ’em & reap: Inbound Marketing

April 1, 2014
Inbound Marketing is considered the definitive work on using social media and search engine optimization to generate inbound sales and marketing leads.

Capture leads with SlideShare

April 1, 2014
According to media analytics company ComScore, SlideShare gets five times more traffic from business owners and professionals, most of whom are looking for research and subject matter expertise, than any other major social media platform.

3 tips for recruiting with Facebook

March 1, 2014
While you might think of Facebook as a venue that works best for spreading viral videos and reading up on the latest celebrity foibles, it can be used as a very effective part of a broader recruiting strategy for your organization.

Share reviews through Pinterest

January 1, 2014
You can use Pinterest as more than a place to share pretty images. Use the social media site to share testimonials.

How to use your social media sites

December 1, 2013
Do want to know where to focus your social media efforts? Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist at Apple, current adviser at Motorola and author, explains the best uses for the four most popular social media services.