What to Say When…

… you write performance goals

May 12, 2015

Well-written performance goals energize team members and lead them in the right direction. Adapt these comments to the members of your staff.

… you receive criticism

March 25, 2015

Learning to receive criticism properly—and putting it to work for you—can increase your productivity, enhance your reputation and widen your scope of influence on the job and at home. But first, you have to welcome the chance to hear feedback, rather than dread it.

… customers turn nasty

February 27, 2015
When you can’t meet customers’ needs, their frustration and anxiety may cause them to lose control. Their emotional state can limit their problem-solving skills and ability to follow instructions. Deal with difficult situations delicately by remaining calm.

… an employee is chronically tardy

January 28, 2015
Take these 4 steps to get an employee to obey the clock.