Great subject lines to grab readers

January 28, 2015
Pique readers’ interest by taking advantage of a buffet of styles in your writing. Choose from among these options for subject lines.

Create stronger employee surveys

January 1, 2015
A well-written employee survey can provide you with insight on everything from how to better serve your customers to what incentives will motivate your employees. Follow this advice:

Avoid these 4 words in emails

January 1, 2015
The following words can make you come across as insincere or dishonest. Remove them from your outbound messages pronto:

Write a memorable recommendation

January 1, 2015
When an intern, former co-worker or employee asks you for a letter of recommendation or reference, take the task seriously. Your words could potentially mean the difference between the employee getting what he or she wants or not.

Write better emails to your boss

December 1, 2014
Show your boss just how professional and smart you are—and encourage him or her to act on your email message—by following these tips:

Find the right words online

December 1, 2014
Polish your vocabulary using an online thesaurus. These sites will lead you to exactly the right word:

Distraction-free writing with OmmWriter

December 1, 2014
When you need to knock out some writing, provide yourself with a distraction-free environment with the OmmWriter app.

Battle writers’ block

November 1, 2014
Bridge to Terabithia author Katherine Paterson has been credited with coming up with the B.I.C. way of breaking through writers’ block.

Practice HOT communication

November 1, 2014
To be more effective, make your communications Honest, Open and Two-way, says business writer and blogger Dan Oswald.

Synonyms for ‘different’

October 1, 2014
We believe that succinct and clear language is the way to go. Still, every now and again, you want to spice things up a bit. Replace the often overused “different” with these eight words: